Rick and Morty promote the PlayStation 5 with a fun ad

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The PlayStation 5 has already debuted around the world and Sony wants it to be known. This is why he teamed up with Adult Swim to make a commercial starring the stars of Rick and Morty, the popular animated series.

In a short animation that was released on the official Adult Swim channel on YouTub, we can see Ricky and Morty promoting the new Sony console. In it Rick appears counting the money they received for the campaign, while Morty is dedicated to talking about the benefits of the PlayStation 5.

As you can imagine, the promo has all the flavor of humor that characterizes this animated series. So, you should expect to see the funny relationship between these characters in the video.

Without further ado we leave you with the commercial:

Rick and Morty had already done other campaigns for PlayStation

We remind you that this is not the first time that Rick and Morty have been the stars of a PlayStation commercial.

What happens is that last year Adult Swim released a short video in which they celebrated the launch of Death Stranding. In it they explained about various elements of the game and we could see Morty with the Sam Bridges suit.

You can see the commercial if you click here.

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