Rick and Morty just turned Jerry into an Iron Man fart bomber

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Rick and Morty Presents: Jaguar, Marc Ellerby, Leonardo Ito, and Crank !, on sale now.

Rick and Morty Presents: Jaguar is a shot that reiterates once again why Rick absolutely loathes Jerry. In the cartoons, he always takes it out on Jerry for being an incompetent slacker and even though Jerry has never had a return for his father-in-law or been proven wrong, you feel sorry for him. After all, Rick incessantly scolds and castrates him to the point where neither Beth nor the children defend him.

In this comic, Jerry does himself no favors by committing mass genocide. However, there’s a little personal sunshine when Rick helps him by turning the jerk into a farting Iron Man.

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Jerry, angry that he can’t have a smoothie at home, steals Rick’s portal gun and heads to Flaven-Six. There, he arrives at a non-profit cafe, loads himself with food but when he leaves, trying to escape from the payment, he farts. He doesn’t care, but when he goes to another planet, the gas reacts with the Flaven-Six’s environment, killing everyone there. This leads him to the bad books of the Federation, which sends agents to hunt him down. This includes DeadS.TRIKE and the killer Rick befriended during season three, Jaguar. Luckily, Rick notices Jerry’s dimensional leaps and saves him, but Jaguar shows no mercy, follows them and goes for the reward. Jaguar is angry that Rick wouldn’t let him use the gun to find other versions of his dead family … … but in the end he realizes that anger is not the way to go. Killing Rick and Jerry won’t bring them back, so when their colleagues meet them, searching for blood, Jaguar forms an alliance with the Earthlings.

He has his knife, Rick has jets, but Jerry has nothing. Until Rick puts a glove on his chest and looks like Iron Man tech, Jerry becomes a war machine. He’s wrapped in a mechano suit and takes enemies off his hands, ultimately making him feel like a badass soldier. Rick is somewhat relieved as it is not often that he or Morty have seen Jerry as a man, even Jaguar is digging this silly Iron Man.

But in typical Jerry fashion, he ruins it by revealing that he has one more stinky fart left and is afraid of dropping it. The quick thinker Rick, however, recalibrates the suit to use the gas and when Jerry farts, he takes it out after turning it into a nuke. And so, just when they seem to be outnumbered, Rick schedules and drops the bot on his attackers, killing them in a massive blast as the heroes teleport back home, saved once and for all by the gastric troubles of Jerry. It’s proof of how cool he is, even capable of harnessing Jerry’s gas and turning him into a weapon of mass destruction.