Rick and Morty could have a movie after season 5, says producer

Rick and Morty Season 5 – 100% is very close to its premiere and fans are delighted with the prospect. It has been more than a year since the fourth season ended and the followers of the series already want to know the new adventures of the famous Adult Swim pair, but something much bigger could come true. During a recent interview with Metro UK, Scott marder, producer of Rick and morty, declares that a movie could come in the future; without a doubt it would be a spectacular event for the fans. In the following paragraphs we discuss all the details.

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In 2013, Rick and morty made it to the small screen for the first time. Created by Justin Roiland, it quickly captured the public’s attention for telling an unconventional story with some degree of depth. In no time it was the center of countless people and its protagonists became bastions for defenders of sharp and unabashed humor. But fans did not fully enjoy the series, as the wait for each new season is too long; Despite the above, there is good news for the show’s most loyal fans.

The news outlet questioned the producer about making a movie about Rick and Morty, to which he replied: “It would be overwhelming, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was one one day. […] I feel like every episode is a movie. I would like to see what a movie would be like, I feel like we would talk about many things. It would have to be pretty epic. “

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The fifth season premiere of Rick and morty It is scheduled for June 20, that is, just under two weeks. Justin roiland and company return together with the famous characters of the sci-fi adventure to turn social networks upside down. After the release of the new episodes, will a big announcement about the movie be waiting for fans? Only time will tell us the truth.

Rick and Morty has many successes throughout its history, however, perhaps its biggest flaw is the enormous amount of time that its studio uses to launch new seasons. In seven years they have only produced 41 chapters and that is not the common thing for many other animation series; fans want more and we know that Rick and Morty have all the potential to give them what they want. The producer’s words could represent the impetus needed to give the show a new twist. Will we see fandom’s biggest dreams come true?

Rick and morty It went on to be one of the most watched adult animated series in recent years. The particular style granted to the characters, the confusing space travels, the alternate dimensions, together with the friction of existential themes, have earned it the title as one of the most beloved productions. Although a certain part of the fandom that borders on toxicity and incongruity is occasionally singled out, the series has been able to get by without paying attention to problematic fans.

The four seasons of Rick and morty They are available for Latin America through the Netflix platform, something that fans greatly appreciate. The first chapter of the fifth season is titled Mort Dinner Rick Andre and it was written by Jeff loveless, who joined as a scriptwriter for the series beginning in the fourth season. ¿Rick and morty will he be able to boast high audience numbers with his new chapters? We’ll find out over the course of the next week.

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