Keeping the illusion intact with 33 years, being far from your best moment and after having overcome an injury, is only available to special men and true fans of this sport. Richard Gasquet He is one of them and he has proved it as one of the French tennis players who has previously joined training. With all the sanitary measures established by the French Government and the help of the FFT, very concerned about the solvency of the future of tennis but also about the safety of its players, that of Béziers has spent several days on the tracks of the Lagardére Paris Racing club with an intensity above the ordinary and even the recommended as indicated by his physical trainer in TennisActu, where he reflects on the short-term future of the ATP circuit.

“It was a great feeling to return to the track. We had been standing still for a while and feeling like a tennis player again is fantastic. I don’t know when the competition will come back, I think we should be cautious because health safety comes first. If you can’t resume the circuit ATP with full guarantees, perhaps the best thing would be to postpone the return to 2021. What I see for sure is that we have three months ahead to train, if everything goes well and at least “, assured the French tennis player, advised by his physical trainer Julien Cassaigne, which affects the work capacity of the current number 50 in the ATP ranking, and winner of 15 titles throughout his career.

“If a tournament were organized now, Federer should be the first seed and then Richard would go,” said a man with a laugh who must have notions of a great job on the part of the Swiss. “I strongly insist that Richard be patient and prudent. He has entered the track with great desire, but it is time to go little by little because the risk of injury is high and it is not worth forcing the machine,” he said. It seems evident that Richard Gasquet He wants to give himself a new opportunity to meet some of the great expectations that he generated since he was young and that he has not been able to meet his results on the professional circuit, despite being a competitive player.