Richard Douglas, Dominican actor, producer and film director, has found a hobby on the radio with which he has managed to highlight the good performances within the film plots.

In the segment “My personal opinion”, which is broadcast every Thursday through the radio program “Camino al Sol” by the station Estación 97.7, he has used his knowledge and experience to recommend a series of not-so-popular movies, but which have a great assessment in terms of the work of the actors is concerned.

« I do not criticize or give an assessment to the movies, because as a connoisseur of the medium I believe that one cannot be a judge and part of the film industry, » Douglas told LISTÍN DIARIO.

In the segment, he talks about performances « and I’m not talking about bad performances, because I think my purpose is to bring people spectacular pieces of art so that in some way or another they learn to appreciate the work of the actors. »


For Douglas, something he considers inappropriate and something that takes away the magic of the movies is dubbing, because when translating the films into another language part of the essence of the film project is lost and sometimes it takes weight away from the filming.

« Part of the acting work is to generate accents, speak other languages, which gives a touch of realism to the performances, an example of this is the magnificent performance that Penelope Cruz does in the movie Red Avispa, where she became a complete Cuban So that is part of the richness of acting and it is what I identify in the movies, ”said the filmmaker.

In his experience as a director and actor, Douglas insists that good performances are achieved with a lot of work and a great capacity for integration and study of the character, but you also have to know certain cultural patterns to make the performance go beyond the screen and reach the viewer.

Through his segment, Richard tries to get Dominicans to appreciate good movies, since he considers that Dominicans judge movies too quickly by calling them « nails » without really appreciating the context of the film or seeing the performances of the movies. characters, since it considers that here there are many actors who are worth gold.

« An actor must have the ability to unfold, that people see him doing one character today and another tomorrow and they do not know that he is the same, like Pepe Sierra, who acts as a policeman in Ángel Muñiz’s film and then doing it from the neighborhood tigüere in Voces de la calle, there is also Frank Perozo, who does everything and people should value him, ”he said.

Regarding the films, Douglas indicated that he has to see a large number of films and that sometimes it is very difficult to make a selection due to the variety.


Richard decides more on films taken from books or the literary cinematographic genre, since books magnify the project. « Movies carry more weight and that same weight is transferred to the cinema and a lot of fiction, but at the same time it has a part of reality. »