McLaren crew chief wants equality between Ricciardo and Norris

Do you think this is the best way to move the project forward?

Andreas Seidl, McLaren crew chief, has confirmed that Daniel Ricciardo will not have the status of first driver in the team as soon as the 2021 season begins. The German believes that it is best that Lando Norris and the Australian cooperate for the good of the project. .

Seidl explained that Ricciardo will not be the leader of McLaren as soon as he lands on the Woking team. The Australian will arrive in 2021 as a substitute for Carlos Sainz, who will replace Sebastian Vettel at Ferrari.

“As long as I am the team boss, no one is going to start the season by being number 1. If someone has as long a road to go as we do, you need two drivers equal to each other, as we had in 2019 with Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris, “he said in statements to the British channel Sky Sports.

Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris have been the two protagonists off the slopes in the 2019 season. The jokes between them have filled the social networks and have promoted the image of McLaren internationally. Seidl expects the same with the Ricciardo-Norris duo.

“With Lando and Daniel we are going to have another great pair of players. Not only sportingly, but also representing McLaren as a brand,” said Seidl to finish.

Ricciardo arrives at McLaren after a disappointing season with Renault. The Australian left Red Bull out of fear of possible problems with the new alliance with Honda and the highly favorable treatment Max Verstappen received. Now, he is still looking for a competitive car to win his first World Cup.

McLaren will have to claim as the best team in the middle zone after a great year in 2019. The British team will have a final season ahead with Renault engines before the change to Mercedes power units.

Due to the continuity in the regulations, the team is not expected to fight for victories this campaign and the next. However, the project is already on the right track with aspirations to fight for everything with the regulation change of 2022.

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