Hamilton was again the best of the weekend and extends his advantage in the general

Ricciardo placed third after the 9.2 he received for his great Mugello GP

Carlos Sainz falls to sixth place after a disappointing Sunday for him

Lewis Hamilton was once again the best in the GP of Tuscany. The Briton, who achieved his 90th victory this past Sunday, remains a prominent leader in the Power Rankings and extends his lead with a Max Verstappen weighed down by the reliability problems of his Honda engine. Daniel Ricciardo has risen to third place overall after a great weekend at Mugello, while Carlos Sainz falls to sixth place.


Five experts selected by Formula 1 assess the performance of each driver and give them up to ten points for their performance throughout the weekend, regardless of the car they drive. The experts’ points are then combined to create the score for each race. Throughout the season, these race scores will be averaged to create the final ranking that reflects the performance of the drivers regardless of their car.


1. Lewis Hamilton: 9.4

“At the start of the Tuscany GP, Hamilton’s fans fell apart as the Briton lost the pole at the start to Valtteri Bottas, who looked ready for battle all weekend. Of course, after that moment , Hamilton dominated and the six-time world champion regained that first position in the second start and later dominated the race for his 90th victory. It was surely not one of the most impressive, but he made it clear that he worked very hard after a difficult Friday “.

2. Daniel Ricciardo: 9.2

“Daniel Ricciardo is in good shape and that has become clear at Mugello. He had no luck in qualifying, as a spin by his teammate Esteban Ocon prevented him from making his second attempt. However, he excelled in the race and even surpassed Bottas in the highlight and placed in second position. Finally, the Australian ended up losing second position to Bottas and third to Alex Albon. Despite this, it was a great demonstration on his part. ”

3. George Russell: 9.0

“Even Sebastian Vettel, the driver who snatched the first point of his career, felt that George Russell deserved to finish better than 11th. Before the Lance Stroll accident, Williams’ was ninth and was very close to those points. However, he lost two positions to Kimi Räikkönen and Sebastian Vettel in the lead and although he finished ahead of Romain Grosjean, it was not enough to score points. ”

4. Alexander Albon: 8.4

“In the end he got the podium. Yes, there was a lot to celebrate, as he executed two great overtakes to Ricciardo and Sergio Pérez that made Christian Horner emphasize that ‘he had done it the hard way.’ We must also admit that Horner himself he could have talked about the two bad starts he made, which forced him to overtake. Of course, it was a great comeback that gave him that much-deserved podium. ”

5. Charles Leclerc: 8.4

“In Ferrari GP 1,000 things did not go well, but once again Charles Leclerc was the savior. He also had some luck with Ocon’s yellow flag in qualifying, which prevented his rivals from taking another lap, but managed A great fifth starting position. Leclerc made a great start, in which he placed third, but in the end he fell at the end of the grid and even ended up in a fight with Räikkönen’s Alfa Romeo, whom he could overcome after a penalty of five seconds that were applied to the Finn at the end of the race “.

6. Kimi Räikkönen: 8.0

“After a somewhat weak start to the season, it seems that Kimi Räikkönen is starting to hit the mark and as a result has added his first points of the season. The key was his third start, in which he was able to go from 11th to eighth and held that position until the end of the race. In the end, a five-second penalty dropped him to ninth place. ”

7. Romain Grosjean: 7.8

“Romain Grosjean was another of the drivers who took advantage of the jump and together with Räikkönen he gained positions and placed ninth. Of course, he ended up losing all those places he won and crossed the finish line in last position. He says that the Frenchman’s Haas lost 70 downforce points in the chaos of the first lap and although everyone thought he would eventually retire, he was able to make it to the end. ”

8. Lance Stroll: 7.8

“It was a good new weekend for the man who made the podium at Monza. He lost to Sergio Perez in qualifying despite having a more improved package, but was also affected by Ocon’s yellow flag. Stroll was doing a very good one. race and was close to his second consecutive podium at the time he hit the barriers heavily in an accident caused by a puncture. ”

9. Max Verstappen: 7.6

“We had the feeling that after the disappointing weekend at Monza, Max Verstappen was going to be like a caged tiger who was going to go all out for the two Mercedes. Obviously, they were the only two capable of finishing ahead of him in qualifying, but Max’s race lasted two corners. He already started the race badly due to an electrical problem that made him lose power. It was a great disappointment for both him and the fans in general. ”

10. Daniil Kvyat: 7.6

“After the rush that the Italian GP was for AlphaTauri, Mugello brought them back to reality. Of course, Daniil Kvyat had a good weekend and scored a good result for the team, he stayed with his AT01 just three seconds behind. Lando Norris’ McLaren. The Russian scored a seventh place, his best result of the season and scored points in two consecutive races. Kvyat has started to raise his level. ”


1. Lewis Hamilton: 82.0

2. Max Verstappen: 77.2

3. Daniel Ricciardo: 72.0

4. Pierre Gasly: ​​71.8

5. Lando Norris: 71.4

6. Carlos Sainz: 71.2

7. Charles Leclerc: 69.4

8. George Russell: 68.0

9. Valtteri Bottas: 64.4

10. Alexander Albon: 64.0

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