Riccardo Piatti He is known to many for being one of the most charismatic coaches on the circuit. After training players of the stature of Novak Djokovic or Maria Sharapova, the Italian is currently developing Jannik Sinner, one of the most projected players on the circuit and who aspires to make him a future champion of this sport.

-2020 started very well, but over the months the situation worsened:

“The season really started very well. I traveled to Australia to be with Maria Sharapova and Jannik Sinner. A couple of weeks later, Maria announced her retirement and Jannik was forced to stop due to the coronavirus pandemic. Also, we had I had to close the tennis club for three months and suddenly I went from having many things to having practically nothing. Now it seems that little by little we are returning to normal but we still do not know when professional tennis will return. This 2020 could be been better but they are things that happen in life, “he said in statements collected by UbiTennis.

– Aspects that Jannik Sinner has to improve in the world of tennis:

“Jannik has had time to work out the physical aspect from home. Already on the track we have worked a lot in the service, since I think it is one of those aspects that needs improvement. He has to start using rotations better with the service and to know when he has to serve for the reverse or for the drive of his opponent. It seems that little by little he is improving in these aspects and I think he will soon have a very consolidated service on the circuit. “

-Piatti is clear that Sinner has many things to prove on the circuit and is called to be one of the players with the best future:

“Sinner is still in a maturity phase that will last approximately three years. Jannik, before he was 14 years old, only played three times a week. He still has a lot of tennis to play. He has an enormous capacity to vary the rhythm with the reverse, in addition of having a volley that is technically very good. Obviously he has many good things and he also has other bad ones, and he is very frustrated in games when things do not go as he would like. That mentality will change with the passing of the years, but we can say that Sinner is on the right track to do great things in this sport. “

-Piatti would like Sinner to train on some occasion with Nadal or Djokovic:

“I constantly take Jannik to train with Alexei Popyrin or Stefanos Tsitsipas. In a few days players like Alexander Zverev or Stan Wawrinka will arrive in Monte Carlo from whom he will surely learn many things. I have already spoken with Carlos Moyà because I wish Jannik could train some This time with Nadal. I would also like him to try Djokovic. At the moment when there are no tournaments, I try to make him play training matches with some of the best players on the circuit, so that he learns things and manages to adapt them to his style of play. These young promises learn by playing against better players than him, “he concluded.