Riardo Puig, ESPN commentator suffers from dire situation during Home Office | INSTAGRAM

The closure due to the coronavirus has forced many people to continue working from home, doing “home office”. And this was done yesterday by a host of the sports network ESPN, who broadcast his program from his home, until a small detail made him trending on social networks.

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Yesterday night, March 30, Futbol Picante broadcast with its commentators from home, however to Ricardo Puig, it did not go very well with the matter of staying at home.

Puig, along with Daid Faitelson, Mauricio Pedroza and Hérculez Gómez, carried the sports program without any problem, however, from one moment to another, without warning, Ricardo dropped the camera with which he was transmitting, and he to notice that the commentator had been filming in his underwear. And it is that although this is usually common when people work from home, this does not go unnoticed when thousands of people are watching you.

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Of course, his reaction was immediate and he placed the camera in the original position, although for a few seconds he managed to show the comfort in which he remained. For this reason, Ricardo Puig became a trend and the object of jokes, ridicule and hundreds of comments.
But why do we tell you, better watch the video here:

While Puig appeared framed in the transmission, wearing a shirt like his companions, however his camera moved down and showed that he was not wearing any pants, an action that caused countless laughs, creating a very fun moment among the participants of the recording. Filming of the program continued normally, but the video went viral on social media.

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And as expected, many people made comments about it from their Twitter accounts. Undoubtedly, many were identified with the sports commentator, whom they already consider even a hero, for the fact of deciding to broadcast in shorts.

In the 90’s I felt represented by Ramón Ramírez.
In the 2000’s by the Bofo Bautista.
In the 2010’s by Matías Almeyda.

Today in “quarantine mode” nobody represents me better than Ricardo Puig … pic.twitter.com/p9uuTZH9yM

– Sergeant Chiva (@ChivaSargento)
   March 31, 2020

And there was no lack, as always, of the memes around the funny moment broadcast on ESPN.

Little by little, ESPN has been given the task of returning with live programs and has done so with the help of technology, as its commentators are broadcasting from their own homes.

There is no doubt that this closure due to coronavirus or Covid-19, despite all the complications and difficulties, has also left fun moments and this is one of them. Greetings to all the people who do “home office”, especially to those who do it in the Ricardo Puig style: very comfortably.