This boy has something special. It is the conclusion that many of the people who have seen live at Jannik Sinner and they know a little about his career. Hard-working, humble, with an enormous competitive spirit, respectful to everyone and an innate talent that has allowed him to go from being a national ski champion at 14 years old and training three days a week to tennis, to becoming an imposing player recently reached the coming of age. Ricardo Piatti He is the lapidary who polishes this diamond and wants to lead it to glory and his reflections in an interview for Gazzeto dello Sport collected by Ubitennis, speaking clearly about the path he is following with Jannik.

“He is passionate about tennis, he lives for him and he never stops training. His passion and ability to work are essential to become a star. He is the strongest young man I have ever trained, but he still has a lot to work on,” he says. a man who trained Novak Djokovic when he was 17 years old and he has had on his payroll of advisers to Ivan Ljubicic, Milos Raonic and Maria Sharapova, with which he won five Grand Slam titles.

This affirmation, then, can be considered as something really to take into account, but much more is the working method that continues with the Italian. “We are happy with the compliments and how well things are going for him, but my main objective is for him to learn from the best. I want him to know well Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, which is steeped in his way of understanding tennis and life, completely different from other tennis players. Jannik has made a lot of progress in a short time, but he has to do much more and know how the legends of this sport face the peak moments of decisive matches. You can only learn that if you train with them, “says a Piatti who has been working since advising Sinner.

“I have managed to train with two high-level contemporaries, such as Tsitsipas and Popyrin during this quarantine. He also knows what it is to train with Wawrinka or Zverev, and at the Australian Open I got Rafa to train with him,” he reveals. “I have spoken with Carlos Moyà and we will organize other joint sessions in the future. I want Jannik to learn how Rafa faces adversity on the field, “says a man who drops an information bombshell, such as the possibility that John McEnroe advises your player on time.

Questioned about it, Ricardo Piatti does not bite your tongue. “When we go to the United States we are going to meet John. He is a very intelligent person and I am sure that he will offer Jannik Sinner ways to continue improving. I think he could be an important person in his life, someone he should know to mature as a person and who could give him very useful advice not only for tennis, but also for life, “he said.