Ricardo Darré: Adolf Hitler’s Argentine Minister

One of the most hideous names that history could offer was that of Adolf Hitler, responsible for beginning of World War II, the near extermination of Jewish European citizens and the devastation of most of the European continent, which suffered the death of millions of people, including civilians and soldiers.

However, what few know is that within the very viscera of Nazism there was an Argentine citizen who played an important role alongside the « Führer », and drew up one of the most macabre plans in history: the creation of a pure and perfect race of inhabitants that they would respond to the « new world. »

Ricardo Darré, a Nazi since his early years.

Is about Ricardo Walther Oscar Darré, who was born in July 1895 in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Belgrano. His family consisted of a German father and an Argentine mother of European descent.

Because Darré’s father was the director of an import and export company based in the south of the country, it is that He lived his first years in our Patagonia. However, the family economy worsened significantly and with just nine years he studied in various places, such as Kings College in the city of London, the German school in Heidelberg, the Oberrealschule in Gummersbach and another German establishment in Witzenhausen, in which He learned four languages ​​and his first contacts with agriculture, which in the end would be his great passion.

He fought in the First World War and joined the National Socialist Party.

In 1915 and with the First World War started a year earlier, the young He decided to enlist in the German army, although with very little luck, since in addition to being wounded several times, the Teutonic Empire lost that « great war » and its economy fell into debacle to unbelievable limits, when compared to the nation it is today.

Back to DarreAfter the war, he tried to return to our country to dedicate himself fully to agriculture but could not, so he finished his studies in Germany and he ventured as a helper in a farm located in the Pomerania area. At the age of 27, he completed his studies at the University of Halle and was able to dedicate himself fully to animals.

One of Ricardo Darré’s books.

While he possessed the title of Agricultural Expert and biologist, in 1930 the « other passion » appeared in his life: politics. That is why joined the youth group Volkisch (ethnic German) who had a pretty clear premise, the belief that the Aryan race came directly from Norse gods and was called to rule the world, an idea that was known at the time as « Blut und Boden » (« Blood and soil » in German).

Converted to Nazism and with strong convictions to till a «new land», Darré started a path with his book «The peasant as a source of life of the Aryan race» (written in 1928), which sought create a special race by procreation of perfect, blond, blue-eyed men and women, eliminating the rest as Hitler wanted it. These efforts earned him a sought after award in 1933, be confirmed as Minister of Food and Agriculture (until 1942) and Director of the Office of « Race and Resettlement », and immediately laid out his plans for Nazi Germany.

Ricardo Darré occupied an important space in Nazi Germany.

In this ethnic area he set out to create a German racial aristocracy based on selective breeding, and here he delegated this task to Heinrich Himmler, head of the dreaded SS, who created the « Lebensborn », an institution that sought unite young people from Nordic countries with German members to achieve the « perfect race », and if the born came with a « physical defect », the Eugenics and Racial Hygiene Program was in charge of making it disappear.

The wicked plan also included the kidnapping of children from invaded European countries, that by appearance, they met the « requirements » and were delivered to the most prominent families of the SS. In the agriculture sector, Darré (who became an SS general) created a political program that recruited farmers for the National Socialist Party (NSDAP), and the project had three key points: win constituencies of people who could be used as settlers to displace the Slavs, in future conquests of Eastern Europe, win over the peasants as partisans, and exploit unrest in the countryside as a weapon against city government.

Another of Ricardo Darré’s controversial books.

In 1942, the minister (who married twice and had two daughters) left office due to alleged health problems, and here it is speculated that the Nazi hierarch has helped in the last times of the war to get all the money and gold out of Germany, and taken to other countries, among which Argentina sounds very strong.

In fact, to this day there is a « paralyzed investigation » in which in a payroll sent to the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic (BCRA), there are more than 330 German leaders who would have sent money to our country (and others from the continent American) from Europe, and Walther Darré would appear among those names.

Darré was detained by US troops.

After the end of the Second World War in 1945, Darré was arrested by American troops and has been one of those who they marched through the courts at the famous Nuremberg trial, where some were sentenced to death and others to prison.

In the case of Darré (who faced the charges of planning, crimes against humanity, slave labor, belonging to criminal organizations and crimes against the civilian population), he He was sentenced to seven years in prison in the city of Landsberg, although he was released in 1950. In poor condition and forgotten by all, Walther Darré died on September 5, 1953 in the German city of Munich, victim of liver cancer caused by alcoholism.