Ricardo Anaya activates the campaign and this is how the first chapter of his strategy looks

Ricardo Anaya was one of the candidates for the Presidency in the last election, where the influence of social networks in communication with citizens was patented.

Political communication has become a dynamic subject nowadays, due to the capacity with which messages manage to innovate.

The value of political communication is largely based on the interaction with which consumers respond.

Ricardo Anaya has started an unexpected campaign with which he has announced his longing for the presidency of Mexico, thereby establishing the value of the digital medium.

Digital political marketing is the best bet today that we cannot lose sight of, because it helps us understand the new communication proposals that brands follow.

Given this series of proposals, an element that is patented in all of them is the one that has to do with the way in which personal brands manage to transcend in the market.

That said, a common element in all of them is the one that has to do with the way in which today we are witnessing the results of marketing strategies, increasingly thought about innovation messages.

Anaya’s strategy

Ricardo Anaya has taken the first step in his campaign in which he seeks to visit a thousand municipalities in the country, with the objective, he assures, of listening.

The listening that Anaya proposes is a strategy widely used in digital marketing, where social listening consists of resorting to the networks to find out about the topics and conversations regarding topics and how the brand we are studying is involved with them.

There is an interesting bet in these efforts and it is the one that has to do with the way in which brands manage to transcend in the market.

Transcending seems simple, but in the case of Anaya, it consists of a reader campaign that will undoubtedly measure its capacity as a personal brand, to face an electoral process that seems challenging, especially considering the role that digital will have and how important it will be to understand the trends that are presented.

The important thing about this campaign is the narrative and the role that storytelling plays within its digital bet, hence it makes sense to have to visit a thousand municipalities, because in this way it will seek to better communicate the Anaya brand by demonstrating its closeness to the citizenship.

Increasingly serious bets

Communication through digital media in politics led Donald Trump to become an emblematic figure for platforms such as Twitter, until this social network decided to expel him, arguing that he violated their community policies.

These actions have patented the work that a social and political network plays today, they are the great proof that better references can be built, especially when they are thought based on current trends in content consumption.

Faced with this series of references, there is no doubt that value guidelines have been established in the market, which will help us to better understand creative work in politics.

To detail.

An estimate from Borrell Associates warned that investment in digital political advertising reached 2,847 million dollars in the United States, which warns us of the ability of brands to communicate through these media.

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