Ribadumia receives As Pontes in its fiefdom

05/15/2021 at 6:18 PM CEST

The As Pontes travel this Sunday to Municipal A Senra to measure yourself with Ribadumia in their seventh match of the Second Phase of the Third Division, which will begin at 18:00.

The Ribadumia reaches the seventh day with the intention of recovering points after suffering a defeat against him Fisterra in the previous match by a score of 1-2. Since the beginning of the competition, the hosts have won in three of the six matches played to date, with a streak of 32 goals in favor and 41 against.

On the visitors’ side, the As Pontes suffered a defeat to the Ourense in the last game (1-0), so he hopes to end his losing streak and redirect his career in the championship. To date, of the six games that the As Pontes In the Second Phase of the Third Division, he has won zero of them with a balance of 23 goals in favor and 51 against.

Focusing on performance as a home team, the Ribadumia they have won twice and lost once in three games played so far, which shows that they are slipping points in their fiefdom, giving the visitors hope of achieving results in their favor. At home, the As Pontes has a record of three defeats in three games he has played so far, which means that he will have to put a lot of effort into his visit to the stadium of the Ribadumia if you want to improve these figures.

The rivals had already met before in the Municipal A Senra and the balance is three victories in favor of Ribadumia. Likewise, the locals are the ones who have won the most times in their stadium against the As PontesWell, they have done it on the last three occasions. The last game they played on Ribadumia and the As Pontes In this tournament it took place in May 2017 and ended with a 2-1 result in favor of the locals.

Analyzing its position in the classification table of the Second Phase of Third Division, we see that the Ribadumia they are ahead of the visiting team with an advantage of 15 points. The team of Luis Carro Rey he ranks sixth with 35 points on his scoreboard. For his part, the As Pontes it has 20 points and ranks 10th in the competition.

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