Rian Johnson and Daniel Craig’s Big Pay!

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The large sum of money that Rian Johnson and Daniel Craig will receive for Knives in the Back, the new Netflix acquisition, was revealed.

It was recently announced that Netflix is ​​willing to pay $ 469 million for the sequels to Daggers in the Back. As if this were not enough, now The Hollywood Reporter, revealed the enormous sum of money that Rian Johnson and Daniel Craig would take in the next installments of what is already a lucrative mystery saga. There is no doubt that the streaming service wants this success at all costs, to the point that it would have robbed Lionsgate of the option to continue releasing these tapes.

Recall that at the beginning of last year, the CEO of the study, Jon Feltheimer, claimed that Lionsgate was going to continue with the sequels of Backstabbing. A very successful film, which with a budget of 40 million dollars managed to make a box office of more than 300 million worldwide. This, coupled with its Oscar nomination in the Best Original Screenplay category, was the last reason Netflix needed to be able to acquire the rights to the second and third installments. To such an extent, he’s also willing to pay Rian Johnson and Daniel Craig big bucks.

A large sum of money

Within this purchase, Rian Johnson can have total creative freedom. The director can do whatever he wants without having to listen to suggestions from the streaming platform. But his only request has been that Daniel Craig continue to star in Daggers in the Back, something that was already in Johnson’s plans; and that the budget for the next productions is around 40 million that the original cost.

In this way, Rian Johnson, Craig and producer Ram Bergman, would earn a salary of more than 100 million dollars each for continuing to work in this franchise.