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Teddy bear.

The old woman from Rhode Island who invested his $ 1,200 stimulus check for a stuffed animal zoo outside his home has a new plan to “cheer up” the community.

Sandy Connor, 86, packed the backyard of her Pawtucket home of life-size animal figures.

However, about five months after lifting the exhibition, Connor has decided to renovate the stage.

“I can’t put it in my basement because it can catch fungus. It’s 80 years old, the house is damp, so I’m going to give it to the public ”, told WJAR 10 this week. “The people have been wonderful, so I want to give him other things. I want to give them the animals, ”he added.

Connor invited those who want to buy a stuffed animal to stop by his house on Riverview Avenue.

“They have seen them. They enjoy watching them. Now they can stay with them ”, argued the woman.

“Of course I’m going to miss them. I look at them every morning. I’m going to miss a lot. I’m going to miss all the people coming. I’ve never seen so many people, grateful people, in my life and that changes you, « Connor reflected on the impact of his creation.

The American said she has established contact with residents of New York, Virginia and other areas.

“It just grew. They drove from New York. I have received letters from Virginia. I spoke to someone on the phone in California who said they heard about (the zoo). It’s just wonderful ”, described the interviewee.

Given the approach of Halloween, the old woman already bought decorations alluding to the date to replace the installation of the stuffed animals.

« My children were like, ‘Mom, what did you do? And I answered,’ I make people happy and that’s worth every penny invested, » he said.

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