Reynosa massacre. After massacre Reynosa streets look empty and shops closed

The psychosis generated in Reynosa, Tamaulipas, due to the murder of 15 people, which occurred over the weekend, brought with it the closure of shops, empty streets in various areas as well as the suspension of sports activities, one of which is the 30 leagues of amateur soccer in the city.

For four days the avenues and alleys have been seen with very little vehicular and pedestrian influx.

Faced with a lack of certainty and information by the state and federal government, the merchants in the downtown and suburban areas decided to have it open to the public until 7:00 p.m.

Roberto Cruz, leader of the Chamber of Commerce (CANACO) and Vladimir Cortés president of the National Chamber of the Restaurant Industry and Spiced Foods (CANIRAC) assured that the drop in sales is 50 percent.

They said that most of the events that were planned to take place this weekend were canceled by the clients and the argument was their safety.

As for night businesses, they also had a resounding decline as they barely managed to serve three to four customers.

The store owners did not open on Tuesday, the following days they decided to attend until seven at night so as not to expose their employees.

The transportation lines also did the same.

This Wednesday the amateur soccer leagues, which number around 30, announced that they would suspend all events.

“It was not for us, it is due to requests from the representatives of the teams and the truth is better to prevent,” said one of the leaders who requested anonymity.

The areas where the massacres unfortunately occurred were affected by being left alone as well as their squares and parks.

This social phenomenon will be a very heavy slab for local businesses once they try to reactivate because they have just been gaining strength after the problems they faced with the covid-19 coronavirus pandemic.

They expressed confidence that the uncertainty will end soon and will be able to reactivate again.

News about Tamaulipas: There are five detainees for massacre in Reynosa: SSPC


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