Rex, by Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman

comic cover Marvel premiere venom 1

Original edition: Venom 1-6
Departure date: May 6, 2021
Script: Donny Cates
He drew: Ryan Stegman
Format: Soft cover. 152 pp.
Price: € 11.00

When Marvel decided by Fresh start reboot its universe so that a new generation of readers can access an updated world of comics and where old classics are optional, one of the first rebooted collections was Venom. It did not take long to establish itself as an unprecedented success catapulting the screenwriter Donny cates (Thanos defeats), the cartoonist Ryan stegman (Superior Spiderman) and putting the Slimy symbiote in the place it deserves. From the hand of Panini Comic, in a new softcover format, called Marvel premiere (and at a great price, incidentally) they bring together the first arc with which they started the monthly series: Rex. We pose the following question: is this stage as good as they say? we are going to reel off little by little.

By way of synopsis, without covering much ground and spoiler free, the union between host and symbiote does not go through the best hours for Venom, because Eddie continues taking antipsychotics to keep his symbiote at bay, the objective is to silence him, put his killer instinct to sleep to have greater control over him and be able to use it in his personal gain — same method Flash Thompson used. On a night raid to derail plans for Jack o´lantern, Venom is captured by Rex, a veteran soldier of the Vietnam War thinking that the carrier of the symbiote is Flash Thompson, to help him rescue some of his companions used in the Renaissance project, where the United States government used symbiotes to create super soldiers.

interior marvel premiere.veneno1 # 3interior marvel premiere.veneno1 # 3On general lines, we are facing an arc of 6 numbers where the narrative pace is frantic and Cates begins to put the first seeds of Knull and his great event King in black (Right now in full development by Panini Comics in Spain). The connection between scriptwriter and artist is very clear from minute 1, making it a fluid story and the passage of characters is natural, smooth, making the reader participate in each step that the lethal protector takes as you turn the pages. They are able to flash back and get to the Vietnam War, see the results of the Renaissance project, to return to the present and two pages later witness a epic combat with another spider hero (we will not give clues) all without being badly ordered, with a precise tempo.

In section characters, we will discover numerous figures, but Cates masterfully develops the protagonist and his “other”. We will be witnesses of the path that you will travel the relationship between Eddie and his Symbiote, going through its lowest hours until reaching a point again where both parties row in the same direction. All this in about 6 numbers where we will see the maturation of the symbiote, where Cates expands the mythology of this giving references to the reader of more presences of these aliens on the planet previously, from the Vietnam War to centuries ago in the Nordic countries. We will see a staging of Knull worthy of a great villain, with magnificent powers, creator of symbiotes and who was once the hive mind of these, who yearns for their freedom and devastate the planet Earth, because it was the fault of an earthly hero the reason why he lost the the ability to be a hive mind and for the symbiotes to become independent and put aside their wildest face.

interior marvel premiere.veneno1 # 1interior marvel premiere.veneno1 # 1To level artistic, this volume features the invaluable work of Ryan stegman, a cartoonist who knows the arachnids of the house of ideas very well. We cannot deny that on this occasion, for the series, he immerses us in a very hard line, faces with very serious, pained countenances, to show us an Eddie Brock who can barely control the symbiote and that when it loses control, it transforms into a creature worthy of the director Guillermo del Toro. The knull design We owe it to this great artist, who has an inspiration between Nosferatu and Warlock (the cinematic sorcerer, not Marvel’s) with a weak physique but with a great presence due to his clothing, all seasoned with his powers and the symbiotic sword.

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Venom for me has always been the great villain of Spiderman, always with the approval of the Green Goblin of course, but we had been seeing the slimy symbiote very far from what we were used to in its beginnings, an implacable villain and capable of putting Spidey in trouble. This version returns to its initial darkness and seeing the relationship between Eddie and symbiote as we have never seen it, giving it a great background to the “other”, very interesting, capable of enlarging the equation that forms the character itself.

interior marvel premiere.veneno1 # 4interior marvel premiere.veneno1 # 4In reference to the question Is this stage as good as they say? I dare to say flatly YES, I have had a great time reading this volume, a great narrative rhythm, easy to read and a round price. Have you read it? I read and respond to the comments.

You can purchase “Marvel Premiere. Poison 1 ”here.

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