Revolution in the NCAA: athletes will be able to earn money

A before and after in the United States. LCollege athletes can already earn income. Not in direct relation to their sporting activity, but through their image, whether in the form of sponsorships, advertising actions, etc. This was estimated by the NCAA board of directors last Thursday, in a decision that dragged years of debate. “This is an important day for college athletes, as now everyone can take advantage of the opportunities of their name and image,” declared Mark Emmert, president of the organization, when publicizing the new regulations. Until now, university athletes had totally forbidden this possibilityTherefore, from the entity, it was understood that it went against the principles of university competition.

Among the new possibilities for athletes are the fact of being able to monetize your social media accounts, start your own businesses, participate in advertising campaigns, or even sign with proxy agents. The latter, something that, in certain cases, was already done, but unofficially. They, yes, must be adjusted to the legal framework of each State. Among the following objectives, in this way, is the unification of federal legislation, thus avoiding possible differences between those involved, which are close to half a million. “With the variety of state laws adopted across the country, we will continue to work with Congress to develop a solution that provides clarity at the national level. The current environment, both legal and legislative, prevents us from providing a solution and the level of detail that student-athletes deserve “, Emmert himself assured in this regard.

The change involves a complete redefinition of the status of college athletes, moving away from ‘amateurism’ to closer to professionalism; something that, in other ways, some of the athletes were increasingly trying to do. In the NBA, examples are those players who, instead of betting on the university leagues, opt to participate in competitions in other countries, such as the European ones. In order to avoid part of this trend, without going any further, Adam Silver’s organization, this season, had already proposed another alternative: the creation of the team. NBA G League Ignite, which competes in its professional development league. In the next Draft, in fact, two of the greatest promises, Jalen Green and Jonathan Kuminga, will come from the aforementioned formation.

In 2015, according to USA Today data collected by El Independiente, 24 universities received more than 100 million euros; in 2011, the NCAA sold the rights to the sports broadcasts to CBS and Turner for $ 10.8 billion. Of all this, nothing reaches university athletes. And it will continue to be so; although, now, they will be able to obtain benefits in other ways, those that are generated through their own image. A fact that, immediately, could imply big changes: players who decide to extend their stay in the university teams, a decrease in the number that flies, momentarily, from the country, etc. A new map for American sports.

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