Revive Natalie Portman’s message reproving her country, Israel

Although Gal Gadot plays one of the most beloved superheroines of recent years, from time to time her opinions generate controversy on social networks. The long-standing conflict between Israel and Palestine flares up again this week with armed attacks by both nations, sparking international upheaval. Wonder Woman star – 92% reacted on Instagram to recent events but their words have not been well received by many. Netizens compare the posture of Gadot with Natalie Portman’s and praise the latter.

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In a recent Instagram story, Gal gadot writes: “I worry about my family, my friends. I worry about my people. This is a vicious cycle that has been going on for far too long. Israel deserves to live as a free and safe nation. Our neighbors deserve the same. ” In order to Natalie Portman things are very different and he does not support the movements of his native country. In networks, the words of her representative for The Hollywood Reporter in 2018 are remembered, when she refused to visit the country to receive an award celebrating her career: “She cannot go ahead with the ceremony with a clear conscience.”

While Natalie Portman spent much of his life outside of Israel, Gal gadot She was raised entirely there and even served in the armed forces for some time, so it is apparently easy to understand the motivations that drive her to seek peace for both territories. However, in social networks there is not so much benevolence, and Israel is often accused of exercising dehumanized oppression in the territory of Palestine, managing to extend the armed conflict that for so many years has threatened to explode on a global scale. The reports of the new bombings indicate that the fatalities are counted by dozens, in addition to the cultural losses due to the destruction of old structures.

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Israel and Palestine continue to try to maintain their sovereignty, but the path to the goal continues to become violent and unpredictable. The exchanges of fire between the Hamas military group and Israel once again call the world’s attention in the midst of a time in which uncertainty covers each and every one of the daily areas. Meanwhile, the opinions of Hollywood stars continue to cause all kinds of reactions on social networks

One of the following projects by Gal gadot it is Cleopatra. The actress will take the role of the regent in the new super production by Paramount, in addition, Patty Jenkins will act as director. Although some were excited to see the duo Gadot / Jenkins reunited once again, it did not take long for negative criticism to erupt on networks, but with greater impact and voracity on Twitter, as always. There was no corner where Gal was safe and was soon singled out for “taking a role that does not belong to her.” Advocates of portrayal in entertainment filled the profile of the actress accusing her of whitewashing, politely and hostilely requesting that she leave the role to an Egyptian or Macedonian actress.

Gal gadot is still the Wonder Woman Warner, however, fans do not know if he will return in the future for a new installment on the big screen. Wonder Woman 1984 – 76% was not as well received by the public, so it is not known if the studio will want to go ahead with a third film. Will we see her in The Flash or in some other production of the Marvel Cinematic Universe? The character managed to inspire millions with his first solo adventure, however, the controversy surrounding the name of Gadot It could embitter the plans.

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