Revitalize your body with this rosemary bath and get rid of bad energy

June 23, 20206: 46 AM

When you are in contact with people who are saturated with problems or negative thoughts, these energies adhere to your own aura and leave you in a state of heaviness that needs to be removed and thus restore your essence again.

Keeping your Chakras aligned should be a priority.

This salt and rosemary bath is perfect to revitalize your body and your chakras and you only need to have a bathtub to do it.

Fill the tub with hot water, which your body can handle, and add a cup of coarse or sea salt.

Take a small bunch of rosemary and tie it with a white ribbon, run it through each of the chakras asking that the negative energies be removed from your body and the positive energies be installed in each of your chakras in order to live in perfect balance with your being, nature and the world around you.

It is time to enter the tub with hot water and salt. This bath will serve to remove any traces of adverse energy left and will help cleanse your skin just like a beach bath does.

After cleaning your body with rosemary, you should have a paper bag on hand so you can discard the bunch of rosemary and never touch it again. You will place this bunch in the garbage or, if you have the opportunity, place it in a place with a lot of vegetation and little traffic. Make sure that the bag is made of paper so that you do not contribute to the saturation of the world with plastic.