Revilla’s hydroalcoholic gel that draws attention to a detail

Miguel Ángel Revilla is possibly the most popular politician in Spain. Or at least the one who does the most to claim his land and do so by appearing on television programs, where he unleashes all his talk.

A good proof of this is that it is his already numerous visits to ‘El Hormiguero’, the host of the show, Pablo Motos, chooses to eliminate the rest of the sections because he knows very well that when Revilla starts talking there is no one to stop him.

Well, as a popular character that he is, Revilla is usually sent gifts from different parts of Spain. One of them especially curious was a hydroalcoholic gel that a company in Valencia sent him and that Revilla announced on his Instagram a few months ago.

But as if that were not enough, now the tweeter @lalibretilla has noticed one more detail.

“That Revilla has a hydroalcoholic gel is already funny in itself, but what those little pitimini hands have put on him as if they were his is already to cry,” he wrote on Twitter.

And, if we look at it, Revilla’s photo is accompanied by what looks like the hands of a model.