The album covers are something very important in music, it is the first thing that hooks, what attracts the eye. Many of us have bought in this way when there was no information that we have today. I met the Manson Proffit by its cover, that magnificent photo that illustrated his first job and that left me strangely curious to discover that he was hiding behind that fragile haze that half concealed jeans that had lynched two supposed rustlers.

These Illinois boys released five albums, all of them highly sought after by collectors in their vinyl version.
His career was not a long one, it only elapsed between the period from 1969 to 1973. Brothers Terry Talbot and John Michael Talbot were the ones who carried the singing voice, more or less in the style of the Robinson brothers in the Black Crowes.

After dissolving their first band “Sounds Unlimited”, Terry and John formed Manson Proffit, focusing it on a very popular country rock at the time, although the band had other nuances highly influenced by the sounds of the west coast. The band signed with Warner Bros and began a tour of more than 300 concerts a year, counting as stars for future stars such as The Doobie Brothers, Steely Dan, Dan Fogelberg and / or John Denver.
They released a hit song “Two Hangman”, a theme that is perfectly reflected on the back cover of their first album. Although all his works enjoy enormous quality, and are perfect for lovers of quality country rock.

Bernie Leadon and Glen Frey of The Eagles recognized the importance of Mason Proffit in forming the band, and it should not be forgotten that the theme “Hotel California” was based on the theme of Terry Talbot; Two Hangman. Another band that owes a lot especially in the harmonies is America. My favorite album is the one with the famous cover that I mentioned earlier. Here, in addition to acoustic guitars, violins and harmonicas, one can listen to electric guitars, banjo and above all beautiful vocal harmonies. The band consisted of excellent musicians and wrote lyrics that ranged poetically to the theme of protest and religion. This is an ambitious and risky album for the time, including beautiful orchestrations in melodious songs with more swampy sounds with the typical pedal steel.

After its dissolution, the members dedicated themselves to Christianity in all its aspects, since some with music, the case of John-Michael and Terry have continued to make music to this day singing about their faith in God, while John Michael finally became friar.