On May 29, 2K Games decided to make public all that love for Nintendo Switch that they said they had and that until that day it only manifested itself with the NBA 2K, Civilization VI and a WWE 2K18 that went pretty badly. The much-loved love letter, which made a dent in the latest Nintendo Direct Mini, was actually the announcement of the arrival of XCOM 2 Collection, Bioshock The Collection and The Legendary Collection of Borderlands. After more than one hundred and ten hours between Pandora and her moon Today we focus on the analysis of this latest pack, one of the most complete on Nintendo Switch. A pack full of madness, millions of weapons and an especially annoying robot.

In this text we are going to talk about the complete experience of the Borderlands Legendary Collection, that is, the physical version that includes:

Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition Enhanced– The only game that comes in the cartridge, needing a subsequent download to complete with all four expansions (Doctor Ned’s Zombie Island, Mad Moxxi’s Underdome Riot, General Knoxx’s Secret Arsenal, and Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution). It can be purchased alone in the eShop at a price of € 29.99 and weighs about 14 gigabytes.Borderlands: a very beautiful collection: Available in the eshop for € 39.99 that needs 35 gigabytes to download in its entirety and in turn includes:Borderlands 2: Game of the Year Edition: includes the base game and ALMOST all the paid downloadable content for this installment, that is, its four expansions (Captain Scarlett and her pirate loot, Mr. Torgue’s Bloody Pickle, Sir Hammerlock’s Great Hunt and Tina Chiquitina assaults the dungeon of the Dragon), the playable classes of the Mechanomancer and the Psychopath, all the paid cosmetic add-ons, the two maximum level extensions, the extra content of the Collector’s Edition and the five mini expansions of « Headhunter ». The only DLC missing is the expansion ‘Commander Lilith and the Fight for Sanctuary’ that launched to unite the story of the second installment with the third in 2018.Borderlands The Pre-sequel! : Ultimate Edition: includes the base game and all its downloadable content, that is, the Double the Jack the Handsome pack, the siege of the Holocome, the Ultimate Seeker upgrade pack, the Lady Hammerlock the Baroness pack, The claptatic journey, the pack of upgrade to Ultimate Seeker 2 and the Shock Drop Slaughter Pit arena.

With so much content, this is going to be a long analysis and also a particular one where you will first talk about each game, focusing on the playable mechanics in the first installment as it is the one that lays the foundation, talking about the improvements that each one makes of the sequels to then talk about the common points of the three games.

Warning: this video game is classified as PEGI 18, so minors should not be reading this review.

Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition Enhanced – “So you want to hear a story about treasure hunters. I have a great story. Pandora »

« I think Borderlands is a prime example of a game that should have its own solo launch window and not take on other things. They have absolutely the same target audience as the games around you at launch. I don’t think it’s as RPG as they want us to believe. If it’s an RPG, Dragon Age is going to kick his ass, and if it’s a shooter, Call of Duty will be the one to kick it. They have sent him to die. Michael Pachter, analyst.

Those were the words of our « dear » Michael Pachter dedicated to Borderlands before being published in 2009. In February 2020 the franchise has sold more than 58 million units, with almost 25 of those million being only copies of the second installment. That same year GOTY was Borderlands and it was the franchise that established the custom of relaunching the game each year along with all its downloadable content in what is known today as the GOTY edition, a practice that almost all companies. But Borderlands most important achievement was nothing more and nothing less than being one of the most influential shooter of the last generation of consoles. We will explain this better later.

From the first moment, Borderlands was presented as a game that would combine elements of RPG with shooter and there were not a few people who doubted it, but the mixture worked as a certain cola-flavored carbonated soft drink. Of shooters, it was evident at the time and it is more so today, Drink straight from Call of Duty: same control, same feeling with weapons, but mix it with elements from Halo Like self-recharging shields, Gearbox ported the Master Chief’s first adventure not for nothing. And precisely because of the weight and how evident the whole aspect of the shooter is, it may seem that the RPG elements are always in the background, hidden under the layer of the shots, but the reality is that they affect practically everything from the first moment we choose to one of the four Chamber Seekers, each with their stats, unique abilities and skill trees to go up as we get levels, this being what really differentiate the characters. Brick, the Berserker, is much more than melee combat and can solve practically any problem with punches or rocket launchers, while Mordecai is much more about long-range weapons and using your pet to distract and attack enemies. But it is that even within the same character there is nothing to do with a Lilith specialized in promoting all kinds of elemental damage so that the enemies melt due to corrosion while burning and electrocuting, with dozens of numbers jumping due to the continuous damage of each element, to a Lilith who specializes in having her ability to make herself invisible every few seconds to enter the enemy ranks, unleash a storm of bullets and empowered melee attacks, and re-emerge with her unique skill of salad shots.

The goal of these Chamber Seekers, that legendary place that has weapons and riches never seen and that will give fame and power to those who open it, is to open it, but the path is not exactly easy. In normal situations it would not be easy simply because a treasure of that caliber draws attention to everyone, including the large arms manufacturing companies that control the galaxy, but it is also that Pandora is not the most civilized planet in the base galaxy. . Walking around Pandora is the equivalent of walking around the planet of Mad Max one day where everyone has gotten up on the wrong foot and the wildlife was Aliens and Predators. Bandits everywhere, who have lost their minds many years ago and who just want to ride their meat bikes and make finger pizzas; fauna that everything that is imaginative, is dangerous with animals that cross the sky, earth and air and many, many bastards that will pose many problems on the way to our goal, but will also be a nuisance for all the NPCs that give us missions in different cities and settlements.

All these problems are usually ended in the same way: using any of the 16,164,886 weapons the game has. Because the other great component of RPG aside from abilities, statistics and missions are precisely weapons and equipment. Guns galore that literally come out from under the stones, with different rarities indicated by the same color code that was standardized with Diablo, and different statistics like damage, precision, rate of fire or the elements themselves (depending on the type of enemy, one element or another is more effective) that affects shootings. And precisely the soul of the Blizzard franchise is evident in all the number of weapons there are to collect in Pandora and that makes us change the equipment every so often to better adapt to the new levels of the enemies, but also to our tastes.

Unfortunately the game is from 2009 and its shortcomings are noted. to get started the pace of the action is quite slow and past, especially if we compare it with more current shooters although you end up getting used to it a little, and despite having a variety of scenarios, (the planet is segmented into very wide areas connected to each other), it is true that it is very present (for bad) that It is from the era of « games with four shades of brown as a color palette » with this first installment of the saga. Artificial intelligence It is also the normal one of more than ten years ago: enemies that they run towards youthey seldom hide and that they just want you to play clay pigeon shooting with them, not to mention that there is a fairly limited variety of them. The story is another of the great ones harmed here, since it is still a common thread that develops between little and nothing playable characters and NPCs. It is simply one thing that is there to hand us mission after mission on the way to The Chamber. Luckily for the story to be taken a little more seriously, it was not necessary to wait for the sequel and in each of the four expansions that are included The world and its characters develop a little more. But although the story is not as remarkable as in the following installments, it is true that it lays the foundations of what its universe is, the terminologies and a rather interesting background as it continues to delve into future installments. There are two more elements that define the franchise in general and that are here. Its graphic appearance with a cell-shading finish and what sets the tone for the dialogues of this installment and the following ones: that thug humor, a bit black sometimes that it has from the first bars of the game to the end of the last expansion.

As for the Nintendo Switch edition It is worth noting that although it is officially called Borderlands Edition Game of the Year, we are talking about a port adapted from the Enhanced version, despite the lack of crutch, which came out last year for Playstation 4 and Xbox One with all its additions and quality of life improvements such as the inclusion of the minimap, new weapons and adjustments here and there to improve the game in general.

Borderlands 2: Game of the Year Edition. – «I just bought a diamond pony. Because I am rich. You know. »

Take a dictionary, look for « manual sequel » and next to the definition « bigger, stronger, faster. Better »surely you get the picture of Borderlands 2. The second part of the franchise takes absolutely everything that worked from the first, empowers it to the point of exhaustion, and improves those weak points and turns them into strong points (or at least good ones), adding a few new things from homegrown by the way.

That the story was weak in the original game? Don’t worry, that Anthony Burch comes to the table to write scripts, situations, an even more hooligan and better-played overall tone and a handful of new characters. And tiny characters! Both the repeating NPCs and the old Chamber Seekers develop their personality from start to finish, each character being more unique and recognizable than the last. Special mentions for Tina Chiquitina, a thirteen-year-old who loves explosives and kidnapping bandits to have tea with her dolls and the great antagonist, a villain so handsome and so believed that he calls himself Handsome Jack and that it is impossible not to fall in love with him and hate him at the same time. Jack wastes charisma, personality, cheek and money. And where does such a villain come from out of nowhere and conquer the vast majority of Pandora in just two years from the first installment?

Well, let’s say that the protagonists of the first installment gave it all on a platter. Upon opening the chamber, Eridium, a super valuable mineral, began to appear all over the planet that helped him become the boss of Hyperion, one of the most important weapon manufacturers in the galaxy. With so much money, position of power and all the military power of the company, Jack aims to free Pandora from bandits and unify the planet so that people can live in peace and harmony. But his « good intentions » are really just a front to achieve his true goal: to open a second Chamber to seize the power hidden within and conquer more planets with it. Have I already said that he is an integral kid that makes him end up loving him? To stop his feet, the four main characters from the first Borderlands team up with the few remaining sane people in Pandora to stage a rebellion against the tyrant. The script is still not that complex and brainy thing with which other games have won awards for narrative, but it does make you more interested in what happens to the world, its characters, and above all, it better unites the missions and more justifies being around Pandora.

The favored graphic jump is notable among other things for an engine optimization, but above all for a greater variety of settings and better artistic direction that gives rise to more variety of situations than in the first. Bigger scenarios, better linked together, giving more cohesion to the planet and more full of different elements, winks and secrets. To the moors and deserts of the first installment we must add mountains with blizzards, biological reserves, factories, military bases, swamps, pirate dens and even a medieval world based on a role-playing adventure with the expansion of Tina Chiquitina. The main expansions, as with the rest of the game, are larger, more complex, featuring characters that will stick around for the rest of the franchise and further extend the life of the game. And if you still know little about the mini expansions of the « Headhunters » add five new locations with their missions and a raid boss each where the collaboration of three or four players is necessary to face them. But, once again, we will talk about multiplayer later.

In the playable is faster, more dynamic, there are a lot more types of enemies, new types of weapons (with a total of 17,750,000), a new item that enhances the damage of the rest of the elements and new currencies such as the Eridium, the golden keys or the seraph crystals and specific tokens of the expansions with which to get loot, weapons and equipment better and rarer. A new camera requires new Search Engines, in this case there are six And although you can more or less draw a parallel with the first game, the truth is that unique abilities and skill trees make the differences between characters even more visible. In this aspect I want to do two special mentions. The first is the Mechanomancer and her killer robot with a skill tree dedicated exclusively to worsening aim, firing a lot, reducing the size of the magazines but in return making the bullets bounce and when they hit the damage it is so exaggerated that there is no enemy left standing. And the second is Krieg, the psychopath. Yes, that is all I have to say about the possibility of handling a character from the most iconic class of enemies in the series and who is so different (and fun) when it comes to playing that it is worth discovering for yourself. same.

Borderlands The Pre-Sequel !: Ultimate Edition – Target the Moon

A few paragraphs ago I was praising the character of Jack the Handsome and it is that I really do not think that there is someone who can get to know him and do not think that as a villain, he is one of the best born in the last decade. In fact Gearbox itself knows it and that’s why Borderlands The Pre-Sequel! It is the perfect excuse to close this trilogy. Running both as a sequel to the first Borderlands and as a prequel to the second installment, This « pre-sequel » tells the story of how a sad Hyperion engineer named John came to be the Handsome Jack, clarifying things from the other two installments along the way.. A story that at first can give the feeling of being stuffed, because there is little point in telling all this after the second installment, but that manages to do it well and that ends up interesting. The entire script plays to unmask that Jack who dominated Pandora with an iron hand and who knew the fairness of his past and who, paradoxically, ended up masking himself.

Unfortunately if the story ends up convincing to generate self-interest, Elpis, the moon of Pandora where most of this installment takes place, does not generate as much interest. A moon is by definition a piece of land with more or less geographical features, but that cannot have the same variety of biomes as a planet, something that takes its toll. Still he manages to occasionally offer different environments either by entering large facilities, abandoned warships, or on Helios, the Hyperion satellite that flies over Pandora and which is invaded by the ATLAS corporation. In fact the bellAlthough it can easily go from twenty hours if you are distracted by high schools, is shorter than the previous installment and with only one additional expansion, but what madness of expansion. Those of you who know the Claptrap imagine how peculiar its mind has to be … and those of you who don’t know it yet will soon be able to imagine that, luckily or unfortunately.

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But at the same time that it does not contribute much in terms of the variety of scenarios, the fact of being on the satellite does provide new playable level. Gravity is much lower, allowing longer and higher jumps, which are increased much more with the new piece of equipment, the oxygen kit. This new object acts as a jetpack, with a portable atmosphere so as not to drown in areas where there is no oxygen and It also gives us a new attack, swooping down on enemies with their respective shock wave or whatever. All of this translates into larger (sometimes more empty) stages with a much more vertically-focused approach than the rest of the installments. To all these small changes in the way of playing we must add lasers and cryogenic weapons, (the figure of armament rises to 34,527,769 this time), to find us at the end with a gameplay that drinks a lot from Borderlands 2, but still finds those little things that help you differentiate yourself enough to notice the difference when move from one game to the other.

As for the characters, this time they differ almost completely from the Camera Seekers of the previous installments and each one is more particular than the previous one. Although unfortunately some of them are almost completely lacking in charisma, as they can develop little for things from the plots of other games. But characters like Athena, the gladiator that appears in one of the expansions of the first game, with her Captain America-style shield capable of absorbing shots, healing allies, and then mounting a bleed to return all that damage; the double of Jack the Handsome or, the one that attracts the most attention because of how chaotic and random it is, the Claptrap, make up for that charisma problem.

The birth of a genre and things in common

It is curious when one is faced with the games that started a genre. It is true that in Gearbox « they only » put pistols in Diablo, but something would do well when that mixture ended up coining the term shooter looter. The genre of shooting while collecting new rarer equipment and improving the character to infinity is undoubtedly one of the most successful in this generation of console.. Games like Destiny, The Division, Anthem and what the hell! in large part also the Battle Royale, would be quite different without the Seekers of the Chamber in between making way and laying the foundations of the genre. All the elements of those games are here: main missions, secondary missions, an almost infinite variety of equipment, improving the character more, more and more, the possibility of playing with friends and complement the different specialized characters in different fields and those bosses. of giant raids that give the best equipment but either go with friends and a well-thought-out strategy or better that you don’t even go near them.

And as a good apprentice to the Blizzard saga, none of the three installments end with credits. You could say that’s when they actually start. After completing the adventure in the trio of games an extra difficulty mode is unlocked, with better weapons and equipment, the possibility of continuing to level up the characters thanks to new and harder enemies and keep improving and skipping bigger and bigger numbers by shooting enemies. So until the second lap is over and then unlock a third difficulty mode with again more and better equipment, more levels, etc., etc. And I haven’t even mentioned the «Cabronazo ranges»That they are small objectives that give us points with which to improve the different statistics of the characters permanently and that are shared among all our characters, once again putting the limit on how much each Camera Finder can improve almost in the infinite.

And although you do not improve the characters with heads, it is possible to go solo any of the games assigning the skill points a little to tuntun, but it is when you play with friends when things start to explode. Overcoming solo campaigns is fine, but when multiple House Seekers come together, that’s when it gets serious. For starters they come out more enemies and harder the more players are playing together. More tough enemies means more and better loot, more chaos and better coordination with the other players when entering a bandit camp to give a good shot salad. That’s when skill tree specializations are more valuable than ever, and it’s always good to have a more or less balanced team, so that when things go wrong and a giant psychopath who uses a door to which three dwarves are tied as shield kill you, instead of pissed off there is laughter. Use Maya’s enhanced ability to lure enemies to a point and apply all elemental damage to it, while Axton deploys two nuclear-blasting turrets close to them and Salvador ducks into the fray wielding a rocket launcher in one hand, one shotgun that fires blades that explode in the other causing the damage left over from killing an enemy to be applied in the next shot and Krieg is walking with his ax in hand across the battlefield shooting fireballs at everyone who dares to shoot him , It is something worth seeing and that leaves that good aftertaste in the mouth of having generated a small controlled chaos.

If I have not yet touched on the subject of the sound section of each game, it is because it was worth talking about it in the common section, because they all share a quite peculiar soundtrack, mixing western music, rock music, industrial music, country music and whatever else depends on the area in which we are and if we are fighting or not. But if each and every one of the Borderlands stands out is in the location and dubbing. References to movies, actors, series such as The Simpsons or Futurama or Andrés Montes himself would not be half as effective without perfectly chosen voice actors who give life to each of the characters, whether they have a leading role, secondary or psychopaths with phrases like « I was told to bring a lunch box, but with you I have enough lunch meat » or « You can’t kill me, I’m already dead tomorrow ». Dialogues that flirt with black humor sometimes that surely would not be the same if behind there were no known voices from series and movies playing them.

AND as for the ports In itself I must confess that I had no hope in this regard. The last time we saw something of Borderlands portable was the second installment for PS Vita whose port went to 20 frames per second, they had to cut the number of enemies on screen and limit the multiplayer to only two players, affected by the design of the game in yes. Luckily all my fears were unfounded and we are talking about a job that goes to the top on its own merits from ports to Nintendo Switch. Beyond settling for taking the versions of Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 and giving « save as .Switch » ports are the versions of Playstation 4 adapted to the capabilities of Nintendo Switch. We ran out of textures at 4k, the game will 30 frames per second no noticeable drops except in some super specific situation even playing with another person on split screen both on television and on laptop where the resolutions are 1080p and 720p respectively. Unfortunately, what we will not be able to get rid of in life is one of those textures that sometimes take longer to load more than necessary when the three titles are in Unreal Engine 3, although it does not become anything worrying or annoying except perhaps The Pre-sequel! where it is something a little more common. But above all it has what we ask all shooters in the Nintendo hybrid motion control that works wonderfully when aiming with long-range weapons and to correct the recoil of some weapons, being undoubtedly one of the things that are most appreciated in the Nintendo Switch version and that affect the gameplay for good.

The Borderlands Legendary Collection – No Rest for the Wicked

Although some of the collections that 2K Games has brought to Nintendo Switch have more years behind them than others, the reality is that they cannot be reproached for a job well done. The Borderlands Legendary collection contains everything you need to enter the sagaI do not know if in the best possible way, but yes in a totally valid way, portable and perfectly adapted to Nintendo Switch. Pandora has been for more than ten years a planet that I like to return to regularly for what it offers and to which, after a 110-hour marathon, I am still willing to return in its version for Nintendo Switch if given the opportunity to join 3 friends and go find Cameras, loot and kill a few bastards along the way.

We have analyzed The Borderlands Legendary Collection thanks to a physical format copy provided by 2K Games Spain. Analyzed version of Borderlands Game of the Year Edition: 1.0.1. Borderlands 2 Analyzed Version Game of the Year Edition: 1.0.0. Borderlands The Pre-Sequel !: Ultimate Edition: 1.0.1

Well it is a legendary collection

The Borderlands Legendary Collection is the perfect opportunity to (re) discover the games that invented the genre of Shooter Looters wherever you want thanks to ports worthy of the sea. Stepping on Pandora is to walk through hostile lands, but the sea of ​​fun and here there are Pandora and Elpis for many many hours, alone or with others.


Three complete games with all their downloadable content that are the best multiplayer experience with friends that I personally remember

The dubbing and spotting job is to applaud

If you try to improve the character and get the best equipment, you can take a lifetime from this pack


Either you have a large memory card or you are going to have trouble playing them. Only the first game comes in the game cartridge and still you have to download the expansions and dubbing in languages ​​other than English. Borderlands 2 and The Pre-Sequel come only in digital format

To see the maximum potential of the specializations and make the raid bosses, it is necessary to have 3 more colleagues

Despite the fact that The Pre-sequel has its own personality and news, it is true that it is more like what Borderlands 2 would like