Review, ‘Spirit – Indomitable’: An unforgettable summer

Developed into the great animation studio of the late 90s and early 2000s, DreamWorks Animation released in 2002, a year after the ‘Shrek’ phenomenon, one of his most beloved and acclaimed feature films, ‘Spirit, the Indomitable Steed’, nominated for an Oscar and considered one of the greatest exponents of the factory in terms of being able to carry out quality and prestigious qualifications. Nonetheless, it took 15 years to have some kind of sequel or spin-off and that came with ‘Spirit: Riding in Freedom’.

With the challenge of following the spirit of the original film and television series, Now comes ‘Spirit – Indomitable’, a title that combines both currents, a difficult undertaking to carry out and that the newcomer Elaine Bogan manages to overcome and he does so thanks to the fact that he knows how to recover the spirit of novels such as ‘Black beauty’ or ‘The black steed’, adding the contemporary factor worthy of sagas such as ‘Immenhof’ or ‘The horseshoe club’, showing the magnificent union between the horses and the rebellious soul of adolescence.

And it is that Bogan, who directs a script by Aury Wallington and Kristin Hahn, knows how to give a certain epic tone to a family story whose protagonists are well known to those who followed the series, Lucky, Pru and Abigail. However, it takes its premise towards adventure, self-discovery and freedom, through a story whose main strength is in its optimistic message, that seeks to show in the relationship between little Lucky and Spirit steed, which continues to be synonymous with free will, this being the most complicated part of this cinematic sequel.

Spirit - IndomitableA family story reminiscent of youth sagas such as ‘Immenhof’ or ‘The horseshoe club’

The relationship between that indomitable steed and that rebellious teenager translates into a wonderful initiation adventure, with the addition of having a background of personal improvement, feminine fraternity, respect for the environment and commitment to diversity, which solidify how the emotional bond of the protagonists can become so strong that it is impossible not to appreciate it, as happened with films like ‘Belle and Sebastián’ or ‘Mia and the white lion’. Those garnishes make ‘Spirit – Indomitable’ is a second part that knows how to find its own way between the film and television heritage, evoking titles like ‘An unforgettable summer’, ‘My pony friend’ or ‘Secretariat’. To this is added an animation that knows how to shine a low-cost production, betting on a style with which it offers spectacular sequences without losing detail and quality.

It is true that it does not have that deep background on the desire for freedom that its cinematic predecessor did. Nevertheless, That does not prevent you from enjoying a remarkable proposal with which DreamWorks recovers one of the factory’s most beloved characters for a new generation. A remarkable and hopeful adventure, one of those that knows how to capture the attention of its target audience, being already one of the firm candidates for the family premiere of the summer.

Note: 7

The best: Enjoy a story of female fraternity that claims the free spirit and respect for nature.

Worst: It is missing that it is a more ambitious story, especially having as a precedent to the 2002 film, it would not have hurt that it had had more inspiration in the novels of Jack London.

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