Today we analyze Piczle Cross Adventure, a new installment in the entertaining Picross saga, which invites us to save the world by solving puzzles. This entertaining and challenging saga has been developed by Score Studios, a Japanese indie developer who, despite not having highly recognized titles, has proven to do a great job in all her games. Its greatest success to date, is the saga to which we dedicate today the analysis in its third installment, a saga that has garnered a great reception both on consoles and on PC and on Smartphones. Ready to save the world with puzzles? Well join us on our adventure.

Pixelating the world

After what happened in his previous adventure, Professor Matrix, Score-chan and Gigs they decide to go home after recovering the Piczle Dust, a compound capable of pixelating any object it reaches. However, a small problem occurs and they will lose it along the way, falling into the hands of the Doctor Mona Chromatic, who together with Under_Score, a robot that looks suspiciously like Score-Chan, they are going to pixelate the city and to transform everything into shapeless masses in black and white by throwing « zascas » with a pistol that uses the Piczle Dust.

With this simple story, The game presents us with an entertaining adventure full of puzzles, whose main mechanics is to solve them all successfully., in order to restore pixelated objects. We manage Score-Chan, a curious robot that is always accompanied by Gigs, a strange rabbit that is the muscle of the group. Our mission is simple, to explore the city and its surroundings, and to destroy everything. As we solve puzzles, our protagonist gets experience, which makes us level up. These acquired levels allow us to face puzzles of greater difficulty, which are necessary to continue advancing in our adventure. And while it is not necessary to reach 100%, we are going to have to solve at least 85% of the puzzles in order to finish the story.

And it is precisely the difficulty that we are going to talk about now. This Piczle Cross Adventure is a game that has a fairly well implemented difficulty curve, since in the first puzzles any player can solve them almost without any problem. As we advance in our history, the puzzles are going to increase their difficulty significantly, although thanks to the experience we are accumulating, any player who continues to advance can solve them after spending some time thinking.

Retro is good

With excellent pixel art aestheticsThis title transports us to a world where everything is made up of pixels, pixels that need to be recovered in order to rebuild everything that has been « scratched ». At no time do you expect a great technical portent, since it is a simple and effective indie game, with no visible bug, except that on a couple of occasions the image has been frozen, so we have to restart the game, because it does not nothing could be done. As a positive point, the game has autosaved, so nothing is lost if we are forced to restart for that bug.

At the sound level, we can say that the title falters a lot, if not a lot. Crushing songs, which on many occasions we will ignore by removing the sound from the game. This can be considered a great negative point, since on many occasions it is appreciated to have a good background soundtrack to accompany us in some puzzles, since these can be very long to solve. This title does not have any special features on Nintendo Switch, a real shame, since it could make a wonderful use of the touch screen, but unfortunately everything is controlled through the sticks and buttons of the Joy-Con.

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Piczle Cross Adventure – A fun puzzle game

This title It is not recommended for all players, since if you do not have the necessary patience they will not enjoy it. Piczle Cross Adventure is a repetitive and challenging game, only suitable for people who like Picross, since all its playable mechanics revolve around this type of puzzle. With a rather funny story full of little winks to other titles, on numerous occasions he breaks the fourth wall to make the player complicit.

Now we only have to highly recommend this game to all fans of the genre, but also encourage those players who want to embark on a different adventure that will keep their minds busy and fit. With a story that can take around 25 hours to reach 100%, it is a very addictive and highly playable game, which will ensure that all those who bet on it are not disappointed.

We have analyzed Piczle Cross Adventure thanks to a digital code provided by Score Studios. Version analyzed 1.0.1

Piczle Cross Adventure, saving the world pixel by pixel

Piczle Cross Adventure is an entertaining Picross puzzle game that can entertain the player if they like the genre. Its simplicity regarding gameplay is offset by its sometimes devilish difficulty.


More than 300 puzzles

Great replayability

A funny and peculiar story


It can be boring if you don’t like Picross

Music is expendable