Review of the Marvel Integral compilation comic. Secret war


Original edition: Secret War, vol. 1, nos. 1 to 5 USA and Secret War: From the Files of Nick Fury Vol 1, no. 1 USA.
Departure date: March 2021
Script: Brian Michael Bendis.
He drew: Gabrielle Dell’Otto.
Format: Volume in hardcover. 264 pages. In color.
Price: € 26.00

Several years ago, specifically in 2004, Marvel decided to bet on a dark story that would enhance the figure of Nick Fury. To do this, he hired Brian Michael Bendis As a screenwriter, who is currently well known in the comic world for his Avengers, Dynasty of M, Secret Invasion, Dark Reign, Avengers Disassembled, Ultimate Spider-Man, among many others. However, more unknown was the figure of the chosen cartoonist, Gabrielle Dell’Otto, known primarily for being a cover artist, but has worked on comic book interiors such as the work we review here, Ultimate Marvel Sampler, X-Force: Sex and Violence, nos. 1-3 (2010), New Avengers Annual, no. 1 (2011), Amazing Spider-Man: Family Business (2014), and a few more. In this fantastic, mysterious and surprising tome, we will see Nick Fury recruit a series of superheroes for a Secret War against Latveria. However, a year later, there are consequences and our heroes seem to remember nothing of a Secret War.

Marvel Integral image.  Secret warMarvel Integral image.  Secret warIn general, we are facing a history of quite interesting suspense that gets us hooked to the pages from the first minutes of reading and that will not let us let go until we even finish the extras of it. This plot, scripted by Brian Michael Bendis, features a very interesting premise and, in principle, it complies with it, because it puts us in the situation that supervillains are not able to earn the money to maintain their technology, ergo someone has to subsidize them. With that in mind, Bendis takes Nick Fury and has him set his sights on Lucia Von Vardas of Latveria, as well as The Tinker, so he will need some heroes willing to overthrow a government and play the same coin in reverse. If she uses supervillains, he will use superheroes. However, the structure used by Brian Michael Bendis is different, because once the actors have been chosen, the war is over, no one knows anything, and Luke Cage ends up hospitalized. Playing on the mystery that readers don’t really know what happened in that war and neither do the heroes, the comic progresses little by little with everyone despairing as they are attacked by enemy forces until the final macro battle arrives, and the reveal of Clash of the Dead. what really happened, something that we are intuiting, but that, at the end of the volume, leaves us with the same impotence of superheroes when seeing Nick Fury as a being who believes that he is beyond good and evil. In itself, and to summarize, we can say that the story is quite entertaining, together with the aforementioned, and that its positive and negative point is that it counts and not the Secret War, as we have explained by its structure, since almost everything happens a year later with the characters trying to remember what happened while they were attacked.

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Marvel Integral image.  Secret warMarvel Integral image.  Secret warAs for the characters, Nick Fury He is the most prominent character, being both the engine of the story and one of the main protagonists. Fury is one of the first to realize that the villains have weapons that they cannot maintain and discover that everything can come from the Tinker and Lucia Von Vardas, which is why he already assumes that all the villains are acting in a terrorist way. Because they refuse to act, Nick acts under the dogmas “the end justifies the means” and “it is better to apologize than ask permission” and recruits heroes to then commit the most horrible acts, both against his enemy and against his allies, thus believing himself a superior being who does everything for the good of humanity that is blind and does not know how to defend itself. On the other hand, the Captain America is one of those who seems to remember what happened in Nick Fury’s Secret War and desperately seeks explanations and quick actions for the fearsome consequences that are happening, such as the attack on Luke cage and other heroes who don’t remember anything. Spiderman is one of the characters who begins to remember little by little bits of Nick Fury’s Secret War and tries to discern together with Daredevil if it happened or if they are mere nightmares. On the other hand, Logan He also does not remember anything of what happened, but, when attacked, he does not hesitate to go with the entire X-Men to find out what happens. Another of the protagonists, although more secret, is Daisy johnson, of which not much is known until the end, where he reveals his great strength, his level within Shield and his great relevance. The black widow she did the recon work for Fury and we see her a bit more when the heroes gather for the Secret War. By last, Lucia Von Vardas Not much is revealed in this volume except in the final section, where she is shown as a scary villain who seeks revenge against Nick Fury for everything he did in his Secret War.

Marvel Integral image.  Secret warMarvel Integral image.  Secret warOn rhythmWe can say that Brian Michael Bendis opts for balanced times, where he alternates between a slower pace where he explains all the doubts of the superheroes about the Secret War, what Nick Fury did and others; and then a more active rhythm for the attacks on the superheroes.

About The edition, We are facing a fantastic hardcover volume that compiles the five USA numbers of Secret War and also adds From the files of Nick Fury. All this with a very careful binding, which helps the volume to open completely to contemplate the drawing, and paper, which ensures that the rereading can be carried out without any impediment as many times as you want. On the other hand, as for the Additional features, we have a “how Secret War covers were designed”, character designs, and an extensive art gallery, plus some sketch.

On an artistic level, Gabrielle Dell’Otto is in charge of the covers and the interior of the comic in question. The artist’s drawing is completely excellent and wonderful, with realistic tints, many details, a good play of light and shadow, dynamism, a great way to convey the feelings and emotions of the characters facially and bodily … Taking into account the magnificent pages, splash pages and everything said above that leaves us with our mouths open, we are facing a drawing that we can put few hits and that is a delight to see.

In short, I consider that we are facing a excellent volume, with a magnificent story that unfolds little by little and that achieves a good immersion to the point that the reader feels like one more companion of the heroes and wants to know what happened in that Secret War of Fury and, whose discovery, will leave him full of rage when knowing what he is capable of.

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