Review of the Guardians of the Galaxy comic, no. 8


Original edition: Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 6, no. 8 USA
Departure date: March 2021
Script: Al Ewing
He drew: Marcio Takara
Format: Staple. 24 pages. In color.
Price: € 3.00

In the previous issue, the Guardians of the Galaxy flew to El Prosceno, where a diplomatic conference would be held. There, Nova would represent Earth and Marvel Boy the Kree Utopians. Once the conference started, there was a bit of an upset in the environment, but they accepted the Kree / Skrull alliance, although Marvel Boy asked that they dismantle the astronuclear weapons. Leaving the conference, Marvel Boy saw that a man had been injured and had replaced a diplomat, but ultimately died. Unfortunately, Val-Lorr discovers him and believed him to be the killer and tried to shoot Marvel Boy, but his gun turns on him. As if this weren’t enough, Kl’rt came on the scene and blamed Marvel Boy for the two murders, and Nova called for a fair trial, so Rocket Ranger appeared to investigate the case. In this issue that ends the epilogue to Empire, Rocket Raccoon takes a look at all the facts and discovers who the killer is, as well as secondary motivations.

Image from Guardians of the Galaxy, no.  8Image from Guardians of the Galaxy, no.  8The story would begin (may contain SPOILERS. Avoid reading this part if you haven’t read it) with Rocket Raccoon recounting in summary all the events that had brought them to this moment, but Kl’rt considers that details have been left, since Stote’s death will generate a war between the Zn’Rx, the Snark War, for be made for the vacant Alpha position. Rocket still maintains that Val-Lorr accidentally committed suicide and proved it by asking Kl’Rt to shoot Marvel Boy. By turning the weapon and firing at Kl’Rt, Rocket demonstrated that the weapon was rigged so as not to kill Kree Utopians. Then, Rocket points out that there are no hacks in the place, so he closes the place and asks that no one leave. After that, the psychics scan everyone and discover that Emprendepaz is a Chitauri bomb and everyone tries to stop him. As everyone does it, Rocket proves that Badoons never leave their planet, except rebels, so the Badoon woman uses an image inducer. Upon discovering her, she shows her appearance and it is revealed that the murderer was Speculator, who wants a war. After a while, Zoralis Gupa receives information and conveys to Speculator that lives are at stake and that, if she continues with her plan, the tragedy would ruin her. Hearing those words, Speculator teleports along with the living bomb and Gulpa explains to the others that they only know the name of the world-destroying creature: Knull.

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Image from Guardians of the Galaxy, no.  8Image from Guardians of the Galaxy, no.  8In general, we are facing a comic intriguing and fun which makes us follow Rocket Raccoon analyzes constantly to try to find out who of those present is the murderer and who wants Marvel Boy to be the victim of all guilt. However, and although we learn a lot along the way thanks to Rocket Raccoon, we also learn a lot from Kl’rt. On the other hand, we have characters who are also vital in the investigation, although in the end they are nothing more than comic resources to make the wait for Rocket Raccoon to launch his final deduction more enjoyable, which is a great surprise and has a surprising relationship with a character who met a mythical group during the great war of the Empire . However, and although the final deduction to bring that person to light is surprising, it would be even more so the resource used and the cliffhanger that would keep us hooked for the next issue of Guardians of the Galaxy.

Image from Guardians of the Galaxy, no.  8Image from Guardians of the Galaxy, no.  8As for the characters, Rocket Raccoon Here he shows his great gifts of analysis and deduction, being not only a great warrior. Kl’rt He is still a character who wants to protect everything, but who finds it difficult to reason other options that he does not see clear. Mentacle and Oracle-2 They are vitally important to scan if those who are there are guilty of murder, but Heather it is the most prominent to discover a great danger in that room. If Rocket Raccoon is the one we follow from the beginning, Zolaris Gupa He is the character we must not lose, since his final intervention is what defines the entire conclusion.

On rhythm, Al Ewing opts for slow times in order to develop the analysis of the murder and discover who is hiding in the crowd.

On an artistic level, Marcio takara It gives us a remarkable drawing with a very nice character design and backgrounds, thanks to which it helps us to be in front of a visually quite beautiful number. However, and although the details do a great favor to the drawing, it is thanks to the Federico Blee color that the work is enhanced until it is at a fairly good quality point.

In short, I consider that we are facing a very good comic with which we can entertain ourselves and get a laugh easily. Also, seeing how Al Ewing solves everything, we can expect great things from the resolution of the comic, which will come very soon and that we are looking forward to seeing.

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