Review of the comic The Avengers no. 25

the_avengers # 38

Original edition: The Avengers 38
Departure date: March 2021
Script: Jason Aaron
He drew: Ed McGuinness
Format: Staple. 24 pp. In color.
Price: € 3.00

In it previous numberAfter allying himself with The Avengers and having stolen their powers and weapons, The Moon Knight summons the Phoenix Force to betray the Egyptian god Konshu and liberates the World. The waters are calm but he remains convinced that Mephisto’s threat is not entirely over.

The story continues (Eye, can contain some spoiler, so if you have not read this staple yet, we advise you to skip this part) The avengers are frustrated with the resolution of their latest adventure, on the one hand we have Black Panther trying to Moon Knight joins the team that after his betrayal of the god Konshu, who refused the invitation and denies being an avenger, meanwhile in the Avengers mountain we have Tony Stark irritated because he deduces that the plan of Mephisto It has been planned at scale throughout the multiverse, as they have corpses of other Mephistos from other worlds and they must be alerted if other avengers from other universes need their help. In another part of the world we have watching the Phoenix force to Blade and Thor because the cosmic entity is resting on a volcano and our protagonists foresee that something is plotting.

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The_avengers # 38The_avengers # 38In general lines, is a number straddling a epilogue Of the arc Konshu and lays the foundations of the new arc in which the Fenix ​​Force paints that it will have an important weight in the plot. We are witnesses of a patent frustration in The Heroes, because they have not been the ones who have solved the problem with the God Konshu, it was the Moon Knight. It is interesting the dialogues between the Avengers, seeing how they interact with each other, calming each other down.

In section characters, each hero has a space of two pages at most, so that we can see different sides of the prism of characters that we handle whenever we read The Avengers, but we would highlight the Captain America already Blade, because not only when seeing them but also in their dialogues they are identical to their film versions, Steve Rogers is noble and naive to see his partner drop insults into the air and we see a Blade that would fix everything based on shots and sword cuts.

In charge of script, We have Jason Aaron who stops the waste of action that we came from in the previous chapter so that we contemplate the consequences of the events that occurred in the last adventure of the heroes and prepares the way for the next arc that promises to have a classic icon as it is the Phoenix Force. Must highlight the dialogues among the heroes, because each hero has his idiosyncrasies and even his way of speaking, we see a Tony Stark spouting insults to the air and Captain America is not able to assimilate that so much vilification or the dialogue between Thor and Blade is necessary, as they belong to different areas ( one is a Norse god and the other is a vampire slayer) it is curious how each one speaks,

The_avengers # 38The_avengers # 38In charge of the pencils we have Ed mcguinness, an acquaintance in the DC house for magnificent stories and in this case, he does a job of great perspectives of the heroes, since he draws them in poses of great presence, great gestures to convey moods and the recreations of other universes are sensational. On the other hand, he is an author who has us accustomed to action scenes and gives great dynamism to the characters, in this issue he meets the needs in a great way as there is no action situation and the whole story is developed in a very static. The mephistos that he shows us are of great quality and in numerous vignettes they have an air of the early 2000s due to the characters’ clothing, especially the Iron Man armor, as it reminds of that time.

As a reader of comics, it is a number to enjoy and that the view enjoys of the work of a great like Ed McGuinness, seeing great poses and making assumptions about where Mr. Aaron will take us, an efficient screenwriter who understands very well the heroes of the house of ideas.

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