Review of Star Wars: The Bad Remittance 1×10: Common Points

Leaving behind the exciting ninth chapter, today Friday Disney + offers us the tenth chapter from “The Bad Remittance”. In the absence of 6 chapters to finish its first season, in this chapter it is seen that the showrunner David Filoni takes a pause in the plot about Omega and decides to explore a little the advance of the Empire through the galaxy, in this case specifically about the raises Raxus, led by separatist senator Avi Singh.

We cannot deny that it is a transitional episode that paves the way for the final climax of the season, as it does not delve too deeply into the Empire and is an exhibition of Clone Force 99 that continues to owe a debt to its main patron: Cid. But once the episode is over, more than one fan will have come to mind the question: Will it be mentioned or even get to see a quick cameo of Darth Vader? Squad 99 has entered fully into the Empire’s plans for domination, and perhaps that will anger some of the highest positions in the Empire.

Returning to the chapter, during these 25 minutes (approximately) two small arcs are opened to us that last throughout the entire footage: on the one hand we have the extraction of the senator by Remittance 99, generating the internal conflict that they are helping the separatists. On the other, we have the arc of how Cid discovers that Omega has an innate gift for strategy. Specifically, the young woman’s abilities are manifested in the game dejaik, that board game with hologram creatures that first appeared in the original trilogy, in episode IV, when watching a game between Chewbacca and R2D2, making a constant wink at this moment and reaching the heart of the classic Star Wars fan.

Image from Tar Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope (1977), Chewbacca, R2-D2 and C3-PO and the DejaikThe extraction of the Senator, in my opinion as a player of classic strategy games, has reminded me of the Commandos game, since each character in squad 99 has a field where they are dominant, they show great teamwork and tactics in addition to being more than similar. Notable between Wrecker and the game’s protagonist: the Green Beret Butcher.

In short, a very enjoyable 25 minutes, where Filoni and company give us a walk through the Star Wars galaxy. We witness the change in “mission style” that the Bad Remittance must take with an action-packed and fun extraction mission, they offer an interesting look at the oppression of the separatist planets by the Empire, and expand the history of Omega .

Summary of events La Remesa Mala 1 × 10: Points in common

Image of Star Wars: The Bad Remittance 1x10: Points in commonImage of Star Wars: The Bad Remittance 1x10: Points in common

The episode begins in the planet Raxus, where the Empire has gone because it has not received the collaboration of the planet. However, Senator Savi Singh opposes the invasion of the Empire, causing a revolt. Upon being stopped, his droid GS-8 sends a distress message. We return with the Bad Remittance, who are going to see Cid on the planet Ord Mantell, who tasks him with a “simple” mission to extract Raxus, extract Senator Savi. Hunter is opposed to saving a Separatist. Also, Hunter doesn’t want to take Cid to a planet full of Imperials. Cid tells her that they still have to save their debt and that they leave the girl with her. With the codes of the client who has entrusted them with the mission, they manage to enter the planet, and meet with their client: GS-8, who takes them to where the Senator is imprisoned. Taking down and avoiding Imperials, they gain access to the security system and advance to the Senator’s cell. At the bar, Omega helps Cid beat in a game of dejaik, demonstrating your skills for strategy. Cid offers him to win money by playing more games, and offers him 30% of the winnings, but Omega asks him for 60%.

Image of Star Wars: The Bad Remittance 1x10: Points in commonImage of Star Wars: The Bad Remittance 1x10: Points in common

Hunter and Tech reach Savi and save him, although they have come to give an alarm call. To flee, they decide to take control of a tank and thus escape, but are quickly shot down, forcing them to go into action from outside the tank to buy time to repair it. Once repaired, by indications of the senator they go to a wall next to the wall to reach a secret passage through which to flee, sealing the entrance. The squad arrives at their ship. The senator doubts if he should flee, because he believes that he should stay on the planet, but they convince him that he will be able to help more from outside the planet, and not if he is imprisoned by the Empire. Back at Ord Mantell, arriving at Cid’s canteen, they see that Omega is causing a furor in his games of dejaik. Hunter scolds her for getting a lot of attention and Cid comes out in his defense saying that he has made so much money that he has paid off his debt to them. Omega tells him that he wanted to be useful even if he couldn’t go on the mission. Hunter tells him to play one more game, if he wins, he will not be left out of the missions again.

Image of Star Wars: The Bad Remittance 1x10: Points in commonImage of Star Wars: The Bad Remittance 1x10: Points in common

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