Review of Star Wars: The Bad Remittance 1×09: Lost Reward

The ninth episode from the animated series “Star Wars: The Bad Remittance” marks the starting point of the second half of the season. We have passed the halfway point of the total of 16 animation episodes, and perhaps that is why some revelations are coming, picking up the action from where it left off in the previous episode.

We are facing a chapter that goes from less to more, with an increasingly intense and frenetic pace of action in which the Clone Force 99 remains in the background, to focus the action in Omega on the bounty hunters Cad Bane and Fennec Shand . The action doses of these characters is wonderful, being able to see them in battle, even though that means seeing less of Hunter and the rest of the clones is a marvel that helps the episode pass us in a breath.

It is an intermediate chapter but it brings about clarifying some doubts that we had been dragging from the beginning of the animated series. At last it becomes clear who is after Omega, and even more, why. We discovered that Omega is a pure clone of Jango Fett, who served as the basis for creating the rest of the clones. With Jango dead on Geonosis and Boba Fett unaccounted for, Omega’s genetic material is the key to further experiments and the Kaminoans to embark on their contingency plan for the Empire. Or at least that is the intention of the Prime Minister of Kamino, his chief scientist we see that he has other purposes. While she recruited Shand to keep Omega safe, the Prime Minister hired Bane to bring Omega to her as she was, dead or alive.

There really is no breakthrough at the plot level, because in fact the episode at the end stays practically at the same point we were a few episodes ago, with Clone Force 99 and Omega on the run. However, now we have clearer what happens with the young woman, and the bond between her and Hunter is even stronger.

Event Summary Bad Remittance 1 × 09: Bounty lost

Image of Crosshair in La Remesa Mala 1x09: Lost reward

Picking it up right at the end of the previous episode in Bracca. Clone Force 99 is on the run in their ship, trying to locate the bounty hunter but Crosshair follows closely from their ship. On his ship, Cad Bane contacts the Prime Minister of Kamino to arrange the point of delivery and payment for Omega. Although the chief scientist offers to make the exchange, the Prime Minister objects, saying that “his interest in Omega has threatened his operation quite a lot,” so he sends Taun We to his abandoned complex of Bora Vio. The Prime Minister orders the scientist extract Omega’s genetic material as soon as they have it and then kill it. The Clone Force manage to identify Cad Bane in the Republic archives with Hunter’s description. At the same time, Tech explains that Omega’s genetic profile reveals that it is first generation, namely, Omega is a pure genetic replica, unlike the rest of clones that underwent a variation, for example to alter their growth. Hunter asks him how many clones there are like this, and Tech says that only one known, named Alpha, and who was later called Boba, in clear reference as we know Boba Fett, but he is missing after the war, that’s why Omega is so important. They decide to contact Cid to see if they can locate Bane.

Image of Cad Bane in La Remesa Mala 1x09: Lost rewardImage of Cad Bane in The Bad Remittance 1x09: Lost reward

On Cad Bane’s ship, Omega tricks Bane’s aid droid into taking him out of his cell to repair his leg. Omega seizes the moment to turn off the droid and try to locate his communicator, with which to contact the Clone Force. Meanwhile, Bane lands on the planet Bora Vio for the delivery point. Located the communicator, Omega manages to escape from the ship and hides to contact the Clone Force. However, it must generate a peak of energy so that they can locate which planet it is on. Before she can do so, she is tracked down by Cad Bane, who destroys her communicator. An unidentified ship arrives at the rendezvous point. Bane hears a gunshot. Suddenly she finds Taun We on the ground, she has been shot. Appears suddenly Fennec shand with the briefcase of the reward of the Kaminoans, for wants to take Omega. He offers to give Bane the briefcase in exchange for the girl. In this, Bane’s droid appears and steals his briefcase with the credits. A scuffle ensues in which Omega escapes, Shand and Bane shoot each other, and the credits end up falling into the void. In his flight, Omega reaches a room where he sees several tanks in which there are other bodies, creatures that the Kaminoans have experimented with in the past. There he reaches a control panel with which he manages to activate communications with which the Clone Force locate where Omega is.

Image of Fennec Shand and Omega in La Remesa Mala 1x09: Lost rewardImage of Fennec Shand and Omega in La Remesa Mala 1x09: Lost reward

Fennec Shand finds Omega. He tells her that he is trying to help her, as the Prime Minister intends to use her to experiment with her. Omega ends up escaping again, but on his way he meets Cad Bane. Shand intervenes and there is a face to face between them, a moment that Omega takes advantage of to reach some escape pods, escaping the installation in one of them. Unable to pilot the capsule, Omega prepares for the impact, but in the fall is intercepted by the Clone 99 Force ship. They retrieve Omega and leave the planet. Omega asks them why they are looking for her, and Hunter confesses that she is different from the rest of the clones, and that is why she is valuable. On the planet, Cad Bane cannot take off the ship, because someone has sabotaged them. Watch as Fennec Shand’s ship departs. In the ship of this one, we see that your contact has been Kamino’s chief scientist. Shand tells her that he can track her down, but she tells him that she just wants Omega not to fall into the hands of Prime Minister Lama Su, so she will transfer payment for her services to him. On the ship, Omega is worried about falling into the hands of the Kaminoans, but Hunter promises her that this will never happen.

Image of Hunter and Omega in The Bad Remittance 1x09: Lost rewardImage of Hunter and Omega in The Bad Remittance 1x09: Lost reward

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