Review of Star Wars: The Bad Remittance 1×07: Scars of War

The seventh episode of “The Bad Remittance” It comes under the title “Scars of war”, and leaves us with an adventure that comes to close one of the loose ends that had existed since the start of the series.

This chapter recovers an iconic character from the Star Wars animated series such as the Captain rex, link to their events at the end of “Star Wars: The Clone Wars”, to shed light on the issue of chips that clones have. Clone Force 99 was aware of the negative cash of the chips but not of their reach. Encouraged by Rex, they decide to go and extract them, this theme being the central theme of the chapter, at the same time as delving into the connection between Omega and Wrecker.

A chapter that It starts with rhythm with that flight, but that little by little it is deflating. If you have to applaud the soundtrack and especially the visual aspect. The photography and the general tone, which has broken a bit with respect to the previous episodes. In fact, sometimes it even remembered “Blade Runner”, and I would even say that bordering on realism on stage. Animation and lighting of ten.

In the end I get the feeling that it is an episode, but with a lot of transition to serve only as a link for connect with Rex looking forward to a future meeting with him again — in fact, Hunter tells him at the end—; close this chip topic; and connect with the appearance of the Empire for the next episode, which had already too many chapters missing. The latter leads us to ask, Will Crosshair appear again? Could it be that as a result of the discoveries of this episode they are also trying to save Crosshair in the same way?

Yes it is interesting Hunter’s doubts about what to do the escuadron. He has doubts about what to do about those who try to fight for the Republic but at the same time he feels a great responsibility towards Omega as we have seen in this chapter.

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On the way they leave us with the appearance of the planet Bracca, a planet seen in the video game “Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order” because it was the place where the Padawan Cal Kestis was hiding. In fact we see the junkyard guild for which this one worked. Unfortunately, he did not leave any reference or nod to Kestis.

Main events of The Bad Remittance 1 × 07: Scars of War

The chapter begins with La Remesa Mala fleeing through space after having stolen a lizard. It’s a new job for Cid. A mysterious figure watches over the group of clones at the bar, who end up having an altercation. It is discovered that he is Captain Rex. He explains that he has been keeping it hidden, and that he is even listed as dead for the Empire’s archives. He has found them thanks to Rafa and Trace Martez. With Rex there, he gives Wrecker another headache. Rex discovers that the chips have not yet been removed. They decide to go to Bracca. There, Rex wants to go to an abandoned Jedi cruise ship to have them extracted. After an encounter with a sea creature, they manage to reach the infirmary where they use the surgical capsule to subject them to extractions. Just as he goes to put Wrecker under the operation, the chip takes control of him, who confronts the group. Wrecker manages to defeat all of them, leaving Omega for the end. She is unable to shoot Wrecker. Just when Omega is about to shoot Omega, Rex stuns Wrecker, and they undergo surgery. All four clones receive the surgery successfully, removing the chip from their head. Wrecker apologizes to Omega for what happened, and Omega tells him not to worry, he knows it wasn’t him. Outside of the cruise ship, we see Rex communicate with someone, setting up a meeting point. We do not know where or with whom. He tells Hunter that he is going to continue defending the Republic. Although Hunter tells him that the Republic no longer exists, Rex tells him that there are others out there as well. Rex tells him that his group would be useful to them, but Hunter tells him that things have changed and that their priorities have changed. However, he acknowledges that he does not yet know what to do. Before leaving, Hunter tells Rex that if he’s in trouble, he knows how to find them. In the end, a couple of members of the Junk Guild discover the clones and notify the Empire.

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