Review of Marvel Now! Deluxe. Thor by Jason Aaron 4. Thunder in the veins

Powerful Thor Cover # 1-12

Original edition: The Mighty Thor 1-12
Departure date: April 2021
Script: Jason Aaron
He drew: Russell Dauterman, Rafa Garrés
Format:Hard cover. 296 pp. In color
Price: € 30.00

It is normal that when you feel interested in immersing yourself in the thor’s world, always or most of the time the name of the screenwriter Jason Aaron comes up and it is not for less. From the hand of Panini Comics, we get the 12-issue arc of the Goddess of Thunder Thor, a path that Jane Foster travels to the War of the Realms event. All devised and orchestrated by the same scriptwriter. This tome brings juicy extras like extended, look-worthy covers and creative character sketches, all to satisfy the reader’s curiosity. Thanks Panini.

By way of synopsis, without covering much ground and free of spoilers, we find a Jane Foster fighting for her life to overcome the cancer that eats her little by little while at the same time helping the world with the hand of Mjolnir, ancient Odinson’s hammer from which she is now a carrier. Dark Elf Malekith the Cursed is gathering all the leaders of the nine kingdoms in a dark council where Loki is included for the preparation of a kingdoms war. In addition, our protagonist must deal with the refusal of Asgardia, city of the gods, that she be the bearer of the hammer.

On general lines, we are facing a very extensive arc where the pace is frantic and sometimes he pauses to return to Earth, to Jane’s more personal side, where we can see the stark reality of life. Here we find precious reflections to convey a very clear message: life is a gift that they give us from our birth and we must take advantage of every minute that it gives us.

In section characters, we will discover numerous figures, but Aaron masterfully develops the protagonist and its dichotomy. I explain. We have, on the one hand, Jane Foster, a relentless fighter for her life, where we are shown the daily life of the combatants of a disease as hard as cancer. On the other, we have his Thor, making himself a place among the heroes, demonstrating that a pure heart is fit to wield the Mjolnir without forgetting that every time he wields said hammer, the effect chemotherapy disappears. It is commendable how despite his health he does not back down from duty and danger to show how great people can be.

Inner Mighty Thor # 1-12Inner Mighty Thor # 1-12In references to script, Aaron shows off a riot of creativity without leaving any loose ends and capturing the reader’s attention, combining the personal side of the protagonist with the superheroic side. Mention to the treatment he gives to the secondary ones, to mention a few, to the thunder guard or to Odin himself. These convey through their words great arguments to snatch the hammer from Jane, all seasoned with very attractive battles and well included in the plot. There is no excess, it is more, it gives more weight to the story while we see Thor coming out of some events gracefully and others not so much, just how life is.

To level artistic, this volume features the invaluable work of two great artists: Russell dauterman Y Rafa Garres. These are capable of transmitting a masterful epic based on soft lines, which place the reader in a realistic plane, such as the Oncology floor of a hospital, so that in three vignettes later, the protagonist invokes her hammer and passes to the superhero shot, in a very natural transition, without clashes or struggles. Special mention to the movements of the Mjolnir, performed with great care and capable of transmitting a real and dynamic movement, comparable to what we can see today in the UCM.

Inner Mighty Thor # 1-12Inner Mighty Thor # 1-12As a comic book reader, I have always liked discovering new worlds, characters and arcs, but this is another league, that is, if someone recommends this volume to you, it will be a sign that they have had a great time, it is a jewel both on an artistic and script level. Everything works in unison forming a tandem that on each page is capable of transmitting from an epic of the best war movies to the harshest of life situations such as the arrival of a disease like this to a close member, because at finish the volume you feel that Jane can be a being close to you, of how well treated he is. Remember that from this arc, the director Taika Waitiki is going to extract the character Jane Foster as the mighty Thor for “Thor: Love and Thunder.” Hopefully he does justice to the character because if we make use of the file, he has gone through several sagas in a not very “correct” way. Let us pray that this time you hit the key. If you buy a comic once a month, I highly recommend this one, it has it all. You will not regret. Or if you are looking to make a great gift, this is yours. No problem.

You can purchase “Marvel Now! Deluxe. Thor by Jason Aaron 4. Thunder in the veins ”here.

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