Do you remember the Dungeon? That site that starred in Enter the Gungeon, the roguelite that was the perfect son between The Binding of Isaac and Nuclear Throne, which came to Nintendo Switch during its first year and was updated and improved even more little by little? It turns out that it has a sequel and although we cannot say that it came by surprise to Nintendo Switch when its arrival was already announced, it was the title that was launched just after finishing the last Nindies World in the eShop. After opening in Apple Arcade, Dodge Roll Games is once again teaming up with Devolver Digital to bring us to Nintendo Switch Exit the Gungeon, the sequel to its debut feature.

You killed the past, get ready to run away

The objective of the Enter the Gungeon armorists was to enter the Dungeon and go down all its floors until obtaining the legendary weapon that killed the past. Along the way they had to dodge a million bullets (not an exaggeration), get random weapons, defeat final bosses that seemed to be taken from the best of the danmakus and finally defeat that past that tormented them creating a series of paradoxes. Much easier said than done, no doubt. But with the treasure from its depths looted, the Dungeon doesn’t have much more value and has decided to immolate itself with everyone inside. It is time to leave the Dungeon pouring milk. And if you had to go down before, now you have to go up. But this time the rules of the game have changed.

Far from making a manual sequel, a bigger, prettier roguelite, with more weapons, bullets and enemies, Dodge Roll has put on the hat of the Nintendo of the 80s, that Nintendo that liked to explore new genres and different with the aftermath of their NES games, and turn the gameplay around. Exit the Gungeon reuses many things from its prequel (sprites, enemies and weapons above all), but loads them in the chamber and shoots in a totally different way. Much more arcade, direct, fast and crazy, but it is also a much more collected and smaller game, almost as much as an elevator. And it is that far from the great rooms and floors of the Armazmorra, here the action happens precisely In an elevator that is going full blast towards the exit. Yes, the most distressing and narrowest place in the universe is the place where you have to dodge bullets, face dozens of enemies and the traps that the happy building throws at us. The perfect situation for John Woo and Chad Stahelski to each make you an action movie trilogy.

And it is precisely because of being in this new scenario that the camera has moved from above and now we find a lateral action game. If Enter studied Nuclear Throne a lot to understand their language and express it differently, Exit has looked at another one of Vlambeer’s titles, specifically to the Super Crate Box, reinterpreting several of its rules. Konami with his Contra He’s also a target of Dodge Roll sights when learning how to make horizontal autoscroll screens. But as much as some of the rules of the game have been changed, the Dungeon is still just as damn and, although the action is in a much smaller space, it still has that randomness of enemies and situations with each new attempt and a different route for each of the six playable characters.

A large dose of adrenaline

Different enemies, different intermediate rooms between one elevator or another and above all the Blessing of Hechicera. This is the main mechanic that changes the rules regarding the first game. Here we do not find weapons as we climb floors, but the weapons are random and change every few seconds. This randomness is coupled with the d20 that we have visible at all times on screen. This die increases or decreases in value depending on the combos we make and the blows received (as if they were Devil May Cry’s style ranges) and whose number influences the cadence and power of the weapons we receive. Come on, if we had little to worry about dodging bullets and traps, now every few seconds it is time to readjust the style of play based on the new weapon we get. Honestly, it’s a delicious and brilliantly thought out handicap! The normal thing, both in the roguelite and in the danmakus, is to find a weapon and strategy with which we are comfortable and throw with it the rest of the game, but Exit the Gungeon forces us to constantly leave our comfort zone, a situation that takes advantage to give another dose of adrenaline to each attempt.

But just like in the previous adventure, and despite the fact that so much weapons issue makes us think otherwise, the important thing is not shooting but dodging. If in Enter the Gungeon we were immune to bullets when doing a somersault, here we would not be less. When we now find ourselves with a new camera, the now classic cartwheel has been added with the possibility of jumping to dodge the bullets and mastering both is a fundamental key to dodging the more complex bullet patterns, because not trying to escape ends as soon as the first final boss appears.

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On the bosses’ posters the tildes break everything

The rest of the elements in Enter the Gungeon are still here. As we advance and defeat bosses, we receive hegemony credits with which to buy new weapons, hats and some other secret in the different NPCs and stores that we are unlocking. The references on each weapon and each description of them are present again, both old and new. And even the Armanomicon has been upgraded to a kind of Game Boy Armance Micro!

Exit the Gungeon – Fatter bullets equals more damage

Exit the Gungeon lives a lot off the rents from its prequel, which isn’t bad at all. At the graphic level it has a pixelart It seems simple, but when you stop to think about the number of elements that move on the screen you realize how elaborate and studied it is; the music he’s still running doseone, the guns are still sounding the way they should be, and the difficulty is still the same or even more damn. Without a doubt the greatest achievement of the title is to reinterpret himself, creating something new to avoid being typecast and that also works as a sequel to one of the most renowned roguelites of recent years. All the pieces you collect from Enter fit and work with the new ones added in this new puzzle. As I said before, a game much more arcade, more direct and intense focused for quick games. And that’s why a good season is going to stick on the main screen of all those who love to enter the Dungeon.

We have analyzed Exit the Gungeon thanks to a digital code provided by Devolver Digital. Version analyzed: 2.0

Stronger, faster, different

Far from pulling for a manual sequel, Dodge Roll Games are rightly committed to giving the formula a twist to offer a title that works as a sequel to Enter the Gungeon, but also as a standalone game that will attract other types of players to its loaded universe of gunpowder.


Gender change feels great

The main mechanics of changing the weapon every few seconds gives it an extra component of adrenaline and risk-reward

That each character has its own different path


Some other typographical failure, especially with the accents on the bosses’ posters

Despite having many secrets to unlock, the fact that it was originally designed as a smartphone game makes it an understatement when it comes to content compared to Enter the Gungeon

The first player’s multiplayer mode is missing