Revelation on the interest of the Saudis

The supposed interest of Prince Al-Walid ben Talal Al Saoud, awaited as the messiah by Marseille supporters, would not be very extensive in the case of Olympique de Marseille.

Cold snap in Marseille. While Marseille supporters never stop hoping to see Prince Al-Walid ben Talal Al Saoud land, announced by some as the future owner of theOlympic Marseille, the sale of the Marseille club still seems far from certain. “There is nothing concrete”, thus assured the journalist and writer Romain Molina to the Spoutnik site.

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According to him, his exchanges with “the Saudi Ministry of Sports, or others involved in the Saudi state apparatus” do not encourage optimism. And the rumors that have been circulating for several weeks are more akin to “fantasies”. And this all the more so as the situation of the club, both in sporting and financial terms, has enough to cool the ardor of potential suitors. “I do not see which business manager is going to invest in a club that loses so much money per year,” he said.

Romain Molina has however assured several times in recent months that Frank McCourt was indeed seeking to separate from Olympique de Marseille and that the Saudis, as part of the Saudi Arabia 2030 project, had inquired about several clubs including OM. But this gathering of information, both economically and politically, does not seem to have gone further. Because the Saudis’ priority seems to be doing business. “We tend to consider that Saudi Arabia would buy a club for the same reasons as Qatar or Bahrain, that is to say for the image, which is a mistake,” he said. ‘elsewhere supported.

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