Reveals her preferences, Celia Lora in a new video on her channel

Reveals her preferences, Celia Lora in a new video on her channel (INSTAGRAM)

Reveals her preferences, Celia Lora in a new video on her channel | INSTAGRAM

The beautiful and talented mexican model, Celia Lora, has not stopped working since this world situation began because apart from wanting to improve her skills and earn a little money, she has had to support her family, since her father’s concerts have had to be canceled since all this began as well as the musical presentations of thousands of artists and plays.

This time we will address a new video you just uploaded to your channel Youtube where apart from demonstrating his great talent for conducting and creating entertainment pieces, he ended up revealing his preferences.

And is that the subject of the video is a very interesting and fun game in which two options are placed and wonders “What do you prefer”, where we get to know a little more the pretty daughter of Alex Lora, lead singer of the Mexican rock band The Tri and a legend.

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Starting the video we can realize that Celia lora He has already hired people to produce his videos and that they themselves functioned as interaction with the public asking questions while recording an entertaining video.

To begin with the questions, she could not miss the doubts about her musical preferences for which they made her choose between perreo and corridos and the response was a bit surprising the production, who imagined otherwise.

In order not to spoil you about his answers, we just put you a little in context about what kinds of things he asked him because it is actually worth watching the video, it is a few minutes of fun and spending time with the Mexican driver who by the way brings out Bring out your personality and your wholesale jokes.

If you would like to know a little more about her, it would be convenient to see it completely, it only lasts a little more than 5 minutes and it also answers some other doubts that many of her fans have about her.

There is no doubt that Celia Lora has been improving her skills as a driver too much and producing these types of videos so that better results are emerging every time.

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Another question they asked him was whether he would prefer to have three arms or three legs, something that made everyone imagine what the exclusive content photographs of Celia Lora with three legs or three arms would be like and also wondering if they would continue subscribing to that type of content.

It should be remembered that this exclusive content page has had a lot of promotion and on many occasions the fans have revealed that it is about photos and videos that they never imagined were so good and that they are completely grateful for giving it the opportunity.

Celia Lora has also kept her fans pampered and communicated through her Instagram stories, a very interesting section where she shares some things much more personal and close to her, as well as the promotions she runs for companies that contact her and send her products .

For these great reasons it would be important that if you are a fan of Celia Lora and her beauty, you give her a chance, as well as keep an eye on Show News so as not to miss any of the news about the beautiful young woman, as well as her new videos and beautiful photographs that you have prepared for all of us.