Revealing study: mouthwash can kill coronavirus in 30 seconds

A study by Cardiff University claims that mouthwash could kill the coronavirus in 30 seconds. The research, which has not yet been reviewed by independent scientists, ensures that mouthwashes composed of at least 0.07% cetypyridinium chloride (CPC) could fight the virus.

The report where the results are collected is entitled “The virucidal efficacy of mouthwash components against SARS-CoV-2 in vitro”. According to the British outlet The Independent, while the study has not been peer-reviewed, It would be supported by other previous research that ensured the effectiveness of these CPCs in reducing the viral load of the coronavirus.

Dr. David Thomas, director of the study, explained that in the laboratory the conditions of a person’s oropharyngeal passage were created. In addition, he has commented that the brand of mouthwashes used has been Dentyl.

Clinical trial

The research carried out by scientists at the University of Cardiff, despite not having been published yet in any scientific journal because it has not been verified by independent scientists, has led to a clinical trial with coronavirus-infected patients admitted to the University Hospital of Wales. The objective is to analyze how the viral load evolves in the saliva of patients and the results will be known in early 2021.

“This study is very encouraging and a very positive step, but we still have to do more research to be sure. We need to understand if the effects achieved in the laboratory also occur in humans “Thomas has declared.

Along the same lines is the periodontologist Nick Claydon, who assures that If the positive effect of mouthwashes in preventing coronavirus is finally verified, they could be incorporated into personal protection routines such as hand washing, social distance or the use of masks.