Revealing kiss, driver of Hoy comes out of the closet in program

Revealing kiss, driver of Hoy comes out of the closet in program | Instagram

Did he come out of the closet? And his wife? And his daughters? El Burro Van Rankin surprised viewers after coming out of the closet in the middle of the program and with a tremendous kiss. Jorge Van Rankin He frequently brags about his family, his wife, and his daughters; however, he decided to come out of the closet. The truth is that there is nothing to worry about, because the driver came out of the closet but for his series 40 and 20.

The host of the Hoy Program is having enormous success with the series of Televisa and he took viewers by surprise when he made out with another man, all to openly show himself “as he is.” According to the plot of the series, Raúl Araiza’s close friend asked a friend to act as his partner to “scare away” a student who wanted to be his girlfriend and start a family with him.

In the middle of the discussion and others, a man appeared, sat on Van Rankin’s legs and finally planted a tremendous kiss, which left even those who were already expecting the supposed performance impressed. It was all worth it, because the girl left the place more than annoying.

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The actor plays Don Paquis in the famous series in which he stars. It recently made the news as they assured that this series would come to an end since Van Rankin’s exclusivity ended last April.

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After this news, he also claimed he had been fired from the Today Program, El Burro appeared in the morning star of Televisa denying having been fired, in his own section and also pointed out that his exclusivity with Televisa ended last year and he has continued working with the company.

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Jorge Van Rankin He is seen on Hoy, en 40 y 20 and is also a regular host on Unicable’s irreverent Members al Aire program. Great smiles caused in this last program when they invited Lambda García and El Burro assured that he sympathized more with the public according to the polls, so José Eduardo Derbez pointed out without regret that the young man had taken his place from Van Rankin.

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Lambda was somewhat uncomfortable with the signal, although Derbez said it was fine since he had taken Eduardo Santamarina’s place in Members on Air.

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