Yesterday, May 21, we informed you that a Back to the Future fan had found a scene censored by Netflix in the second part of the trilogy, and, immediately, the outrage of the fans was unleashed.

The scene in question is the famous moment when Marty McFly breaks into Director Strickland’s office to retrieve the Almanac, only to discover that the Almanac’s liner was protecting a porn magazine, the recognizable Oh La La.

Oh La La magazine was even featured in the legendary SNES game (which was only officially sold in Japan)

No one understood the censorship, especially since the movie toyed with the idea that porn in the 1950s was fairly subdued, and Oh La La photos could currently be seen in any lingerie catalog.

Well, the very same Bob Gale, the writer of the Back to the Future trilogy, revealed that Netflix is ​​not guilty of censorship.

Bob Gale asked fans, through the Hollywood Reporter, not to be too hard on Netflix, because censorship comes from Universal, The studio owns the rights to the tape.

This is how Gale explained it:

“The fault lies with Universal, which somehow provided Netflix with an edited version of the movie. I found out about this about ten days ago through an eagle-eyed fanatic, and the studio rectified the error. The version available now is the original uncensored and unedited version. Apparently, this was a foreign version that neither director Robert Zemeckis nor I knew existed, made to broadcast in some country that had a problem with the cover of Oh La La magazine. I asked that the studio destroy this version. Netflix does not edit movies, they only broadcast the versions provided by the studios. Therefore, they are not guilty. You can direct your anger against Universal, but I think they will be much more careful in the future and with “the future.” “

Oh La La with other publications we saw in the Back to the Future trilogy

As Gale says, the current version found on Netflix no longer has censorship.