Reveal the first images of Camila Cabello as ‘Cinderella’

Camila Cabello.

Photo: STEVEN FERDMAN / AFP via Getty Images

The entertainment company Amazon Prime Video released the first images of ‘Cinderella’, the musical tape starring Camila Cabello Y Nicholas galitzine, who plays Prince Robert.

In the photographs you can see Hair characterized as Cinderella accompanied by Prince Charming in one of the intimate moments in which the protagonists probably already realized the natural connection and attraction they feel for each other.

So far there are very few details about this new Sony Pictures production, but it is known that Camila will be the Disney princess who is mistreated by her sisters and her stepmother, and will play an ambitious young woman whose dreams are bigger than what. the world will allow you.

Among the best-known faces in the film we can highlight that of Idina Menzel and Billy Porter. Idina rose to fame when she voiced Elsa in Frozen and in ‘Cinderella’ she will become the stepmother. Billy will play the ‘fairy godfather’, changing the female character we knew for a male one.

The initial idea was for the tape to hit theaters last February, but as published by the streaming platform on its social networks along with the images It will be in September when we see Camila in her acting debut, so it is a very special project.

Filming, which began in 2019, had to be halted indefinitely by the Covid-19 pandemic and, following the unexpected break, the cast returned to the set in the UK in August last year. That is why both Camila’s fans and faithful followers of the story are eager for its premiere, where the interpreter will dazzle, in addition to her performance, with her impressive voice.

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