2020 is being a difficult year for all sectors and it seems that Manzana is among those affected, because according to a leak, the health crisis in the world by coronavirus will end up causing delay the releases of the iPhone 12 and its new iPads.

Jon Prosser, one of the most important insiders when it comes to Apple He simply tweeted the following words, making it clear that something is wrong this year with the iPhone and iPad launch strategy.

“/>Apple will be delayed in the launch of iPhone 12 and iPads

Twitter @jon_posser

Apple has already made a habit of launching its new products, especially iPhone, during the month of September. However, this year everything seems to indicate that the launch will take place until October, a month later than planned.

It is evident that the coronavirus crisis worldwide, especially in China, affected the brand’s production chain, forcing the development of the terminal, as well as its assembly and production in the Asian country, to suffer not only delays, but inconveniences in error control.

For the keynote of the second part of 2020 Apple plans to present the new iPhone 12, as well as the new series of iPads and their completely renovated Apple Watch, with characteristics closer to those of the competition so that it can finally become a competitive place in the wearable gadgets market.

For now there is no official announcement from Apple to confirm, either your event in September or, the delay of your event and its new devices, so we have to wait for a statement from the company to make this rumor a fact.

However, Jon Posser is one of the most recognized leakers and insiders in this industry and its announcement should not be dismissed as a worrying letter for the new generation of smartphones, which Apple would enter a month late.