Huawei is finalizing the details of the next product to launch on the market: a 65-inch Smart TV Within its Vision range with different additives to ensure that it stands out in the market.

This has been revealed by different Asian media, which have echoed both a publication by the CEO of Huawei, who expressed his excitement for the future launch, and a leaked poster that shows the product and some of its features. The most striking are three: its integrated camera, its 14 speakers and its operating system, HongMengOs.

Regarding the first, this would be 24 megapixel wide angle, offering different intelligent functions thanks to its integration with a Neural Processing Unit (NPU). The set will allow monitoring of user actions, facial recognition and other actions that would serve to control the device, which can also receive voice orders.

With its 14 speaker layout, you will be able to recognize the space in which it is located and adapt the sound accordingly. This improves the sound experience in a particular way, as has already been seen in speakers such as the HomePod and other products with a focus on audio.

HongMengOS inside

In addition to the above, a prominent place of this Smart TV is also occupied HongMengOS, the operating system developed by Huawei following the veto of the United States to establish commercial deals with Google. Again, this would be in charge of enhancing the various functions of the television. A software that, although at first it was also said to be destined to be present in the company’s smartphones, there are still no indications that this will be the case in the near future.

The new one Smart TV Huawei Vision X65 will be presented on April 8 in Japan, which will be when their price and official marketing dates are announced.

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