Resume format: no need to be a designer

There is the false belief that a striking resume (CV) format is one that has extremely elaborate graphic design, but no.

It can even be counterproductive for you, because perhaps, you are considered to be ‘overacting’ your personality and that is something that recruiters realize instantly.

According to specialists in human resources from the site Trabajo en Digital, an enterprise dedicated to providing solutions in this area, what is suggested is that CV be made with simple fonts So what do not go over three colors.

This is derived from the fact that many people tend to make resumes with many “washers and little flowers”, which –according to recruiters– They look more like high school love letters.

Resume format

The other extreme is very flat resumes, in word format and Times New Roman font.

Headhunters or headhunters agree that word is outdated and even more so if you want to apply for a vacancy in digital.

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Find the ideal template

The Internet offers you multiple formats, very intuitive and easy to use. If your thing is not graphic design, a template can be your salvation and these are some of those that can work for you.

You can work with whichever you feel most comfortable with, but use them wisely:

The favorite platform of students and professionals, since in addition to being used to make resumes, it allows making presentations, infographics, letters, flyers and more. It is a good option if you want to be more creative.

You just have to open an account with your email, it’s free. But, if you want to access more functions you can go to a premium account, paying an extra charge.

If your personality is more serious and you are not applying for an agency or a creative area, this may be adjusted to your needs.

If your thing is to be even more sober, this option may work for you. It adds and organizes the information as if you were on LinkedIn.

This option gives you several models by type of industry or career. If you apply for an engineer, project manager, or even graphic designer vacancy, it allows you to customize by skills and experience.

It is ideal if you are applying for a job in another country, because it allows you to adapt your experience to another language.

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Don’t saturate your CV

You may have been excited about the multiple options for resume templates, but you have to consider that you must be concise.

The idea is that in each description of work experience do not go over a line, since most templates by default put a space limit.

Alina Álvarez Etchegaray, an EXATEC with experience as a creative director in agencies, recommends not using very complicated formats, since those that pretend to be too creative do not work.

It even says that this applies if it is for an agency in that field, since it complicates the reading for the recruiter.


You can select the font in the template, but make sure it is legible and pleasant to read.

The site “Trabajo en Digital” recommends using minimalist letters such as Arial or Verdana, but to avoid looking too old-fashioned, avoid serif fonts, which are used for print or newspapers.

They recommend that for no reason you use comic sans, because it can reflect a little serious and scattered personality.


Putting a heading with the expression curriculum vitae is not necessary. That takes up space and takes away visual strength, because it’s a no-brainer.

Better take advantage of that space to put your name and your professional title, or what do you do.

Example: Andrea Meza / Content Manager

Followed by this, the contact information is vital that it is at the top or in a conspicuous place for the recruiter. Otherwise, you could be discarded.

One page

Efraín Salazar, better known in networks as the Fairy of Vacancies, recommends to Tec Review readers that ideally your CV should be one page.

“When they give me a three or four page resume I say, ‘ok, maybe it’s someone who has been working for many years, but is very outdated,” he said Nayla hamed, Associate manager & Talent Advisor at Trabajo en Digital.

Not so much that it burns the saint

Always keep in mind that in the CV, content is king.

The important thing is that you let the recruiter know that you meet the profile they are requesting. With the design, color or font tools, try to highlight your experience or what you know how to do in an aesthetic and orderly way.

It is also advisable to highlight in another section of your resume, your skills or tools that you master, in addition to being related to the position you are going to apply for.

Check out this design example:

Lean on bullets or sections to make reading easier

It is advisable to place the name of the position, the name of the company and the period in which you worked, using vignettes for the job in which you were.

Below you can add a short two-line description. Regardless of the design you decide to use, the important thing is that the format looks neat.

When saving, take care of the details

Once you found the template and completed the CV with your work experience, do not forget to save the file in Pdf format.

Because your information goes through different areas or evaluators, the ideal is that those who have to see your document can open it without any problem.

It seems that it is something unimportant, but when saving your file with your CV, make sure that it has your name and the vacancy.

For example: laura_bruges_reportera_política.pdf

This is so that recruiters are not misplaced, as they receive hundreds of applications.

Also make sure your email looks professional. Do not use your high school email or those that have phrases like: or

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