results, potential and all-time highs

Microsoft will present results on July 27

Microsoft moves at all-time highs. A level, that of $ 284 per share, that clearly marks the positive year that the stock is experiencing, with a capitalization of more than 2.10 trillion dollars and advances since January that exceed 25%.

A very positive outlook that you will have your first test next Tuesday when we know your quarterly results, which experts consider will be positive. The forecasts reach EPS, a profit per share in the value of 1.90 dollars per share, that is, 30.14% compared to the same period of the previous year. According to Zacks, revenue estimates they project net sales of $ 44.07 billion, 15.87% more than in the same quarter of the previous year.

With these wickers, right now analysts have just revised their recommendations upwards. This is the case of Morgan Stanley. Your analyst Keith Weiss reiterates his recommendation to overweight with a price target of $ 300 a share. Weiss emphasizes that he sees Microsoft ready to substantially increase its profits as cloud computing becomes the priority of the CIO, the so-called CIO, after the survey of these managers in technology companies.

The Morgan Stanley analyst considers that the company continues to be the main winner in the shares of the technology wallet due to the change in the cloud and Microsoft’s leadership during the current quarter, compared to its competitor and industry leader, Amazon’s AWS . Market share that in survey cIt ranks Microsoft with 46% versus 35% previously.

From Tipranks, they place Microsoft with 26 of the 26 recommendations of market experts in the purchase of its shares, with a target price of $ 300.38 per share, which is a very limited potential of 6.74% for its shares.

Microsoft price target and value potential Microsoft price target and value potential

Microsoft price target and value potential

But the substantial improvement comes from Mizuho that raises up to 310 dollars a share from the previous 285. His analyst Gregg Moskowitz maintains the recommendation to buy the security. And it gives Microsoft a potential of almost 9%. The improvement in the sector stands out, especially in the software business in the face of recovery, with the leadership of companies that are delving into digitization and considers that cybersecurity controls have been very solid this quarter.

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With these wickers, Microsoft yields invaluable in the last five sessions, earning more than 7%, specifically, in the last month. The quarter increased the value by 8% in the market while the semester is even more positive with the advance that exceeds 25%. So far this year, Microsoft is up 25.52% on Wall Street.

Microsoft annual stock price Microsoft annual stock price

Microsoft annual share price

From Seeking Alpha they consider that, in the short and medium term, the value presents numerous tailwinds in various aspects: among them driving revenue in Dynamics 365 products, driven by the trend of digitization, which has also accelerated throughout the pandemic.

Also the increase is occurring in the demand for Azure solutions, in cloud computing, as more third-party software vendors shift their product delivery to the cloud browser7. And to this is added the push that does not stop in Xbox hardware and content revenue, supported by their participation as leaders in the video game consoles market.

But a section that worries a lot is the aspect of cyber attack received by the company last March. From its top leadership, China was always accused. But this week the United States and several Western countries, including the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand they have accused China of hacking Microsoft Exchange, the email platform used by companies around the world. The attack, which Beijing denies, affected 30,000 global companies.

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