22:13. So far the broadcast of this Endesa League final 2019/2020 in which Baskonia has been proclaimed ACB champion against Barcelona. 67-69.

22:10 Shengelia dedicates the title to the city of Vitoria. The Baskonia player remembers that they have not stopped believing at all times in the final despite going under on certain occasions against Barcelona. « We are League champions! » Shouts Shengelia.

22:09 They begin to withdraw and the players, although some like Pollonara or Diop still have the strength to run down the stairs of the stands of La Fonteta. Maximum happiness on the faces of the Baskonia players, the new ACB champion.

22:07. The Endesa 2019/2020 League ends. The road has not been easy but all obstacles have been overcome and with a magnificent organization it has been possible to play the final of the League. 12 teams passed through the Fonteta de Valencia during these two weeks, but it has been Baskonia the one that has been imposed until the end. Ten years later, the ACB League returns to Vitoria after his victory against Barcelona, ​​which has remained at odds with the ACB throne for the past six seasons.

22:04 Querejeta, president of Baskonia, He is very happy with the work done by his team in a difficult season but that has ended in the best possible way, with this CBA title conquered at La Fonteta in Valencia. The president appreciates the work of Ivanovic, from whom he hopes he will continue to lead the Vitoria bench for longer.

22:00 Yes now, BASKONIA RECEIVES THE TROPHY AS THE CHAMPION OF THE ENDESA 2019/2020 LEAGUE. Photo to remember, an unforgettable day for Baskonia that this June 30 has conquered its fourth League after winning 67-69 in the final against Barcelona.

21.59. All players of Baskonia They collect one by one the miniature replica of the trophy that accredits them as champions of this Endesa League 2019/2020. Ten years have passed but the wait was worth it, the Baskonia returns to conquer the title of the ACB.


Everything prepared for the Baskonia receive the Cup that accredits him as champion of this Endesa League 19/20. Maximum happiness in the whole of Vitoria that has just been conquered his fourth CBA League against the Barcelona of Pesic, 67-69.

FINAL!!!! BASKONIA, CHAMPION OF THE ENDESA LEAGUE. Barcelona 67-69 Baskonia. Ten years later, the team from Vitoria once again became the ACB champion, the fourth ACB League for Ivanovic’s team, who in December assumed the mission of leading the team and in what way! Baskonia, champion of the 2019/2020 League.

67-69 Under the ring, VILDOZA !!! What a baskonia game. +2 for the team from Vitoria when there is a new timeout. 3’2 seconds to go

67-67 Maximum tension, Pollonara enters through Janning.

67-67 EMPATA ORIOLA FROM THE FREE KICK !! Ten seconds to go and possession for Baskonia. There is free time at La Fonteta. What an ending !!!!

65-67 Shengelia staff in the last seconds. Very well Barcelona now on the offensive rebound. Shots for Oriola.

65-67 Score the first Oriola but the second fails and hunts the Pollonara rebound. Ball to Baskonia, last 38 seconds.

64-67 LAST MINUTE !!! There will be shots for Barcelona.

64-67 Forces fail already, Shengelia’s triple falls short.

64-67 POLLONARA !!! Italian triple, +3 for Baskonia.

64-64 To iron triple Shields and then Barcelona fails in the attack.

64-64 We enter the crucial section. Last three minutes and this is in a draw !!

64-64 EMPATAAAAA HEURTEL !!! 3’20 for the end and time out.

62-64 Good defense for the people of Vitoria and they attack again.

62-64 Baskonia insists with the shot of three but without success now.

62-64 Score both Vildoza free throws. +2 to Baskonia just over four minutes to go.

62-62 Shengelia equalizes from the free kick. He scored only the second.

62-61 The fifth of Mirotic arrives, expelled !!

62-61 Heurtel’s Basket, which already has 18 points in this final.

60-61 Time-out at La Fonteta, 5’55 to go.

60-61 TRIPLE DE JANNING !!! to put Baskonia ahead again. He has two shots followed by three.

60-58 Higgins does not forgive. +2 for Barcelona, ​​6’16 ​​for the end.

59-58 Higgins overtakes Barcelona and also has the additional shot.

57-58 HIGGINS TRIPLE !!! How is the party !!


54-55 +1 for the Frenchman who does not forgive from the free kick.

53-55 Heurtel tray and take out the additional. First basket for Barcelona in this last quarter.


51-52 Pollonara makes the second free throw

51-51 Two free throws for Pollonara and fourth personal for Mirotic … The Italian lamented that the shot did not enter.

51-51 EVERYTHING TO DECIDE IN THE FINAL OF THE ENDESA LEAGUE !!! Let’s go for the last quarter !!! Barcelona 51-51 Baskonia, live.

51-51 END OF THIRD ROOM !!!! The triple of Barcelona does not enter and this is in tables with ten minutes to go. Maximum emotion in the Endesa League final between Barcelona and Baskonia 51-51.

51-51 To iron Kuric triple and hunt the Baskonia rebound.

51-51 Baskonia pivot cap to Higgins.

51-51 and does the same with the second. Tables on the scoreboard in the Endesa League final and downtime at La Fonteta. 1.32 by the end of this 3Q.

51-50 Score Shields’ first free throw.


48-49 And from the free kick Diop also puts Baskonia ahead »

48-47 But the second is the Barcelona player, who returns to go ahead by the minimum.

Davies’ first free throw fails.

47-47 TACKLE BARCELONA. Timeout at 3.16 by the end of this third quarter.

45-45 Claver tray.

43-47 TRI-TRI-TRIPLE by Dragic !!! Baskonia’s lead increases, just over four minutes to the end of this quarter.

43-44 Score Vildoza’s shot, which again puts Baskonia ahead.

43-43 Technique for Pesic.

43-43 Good recovery for Vidolza but the Argentine falls short then triple.

43-43 The tables are back! Two more points for Shengelia!

43-41 Mirotic basket to put Barcelona back with an advantage. He takes the additional but fails from the free kick.

41-41 VILDOZA !!! EMMMPATAAAAAA BASKONIA !!!! Another triple from Argentina !!

41-38 Scores of two Barcelona.

39-38 VILDOZA TRI-TRI-TRIPLE !!! Baskonia gets one.

39-35 The first points of this third quarter go up to the scoreboard from the free kick line. Write down the two Shengelia.

39-33 8.41 of this third quarter, refuses to enter the ball in both baskets.

39-33 Henry free kick.

39-33 Mirotic steals Shields’s pass attempt.

LET’S GO FOR THE THIRD ROOM !!! The Endesa League final at stake! Barcelona 39-33 Baskonia.

(BREAK) He Barcelona sends 39-33 against Baskonia in the Endesa League final which is being held at La Fonteta in Valencia. In the Barça outfit, Heurtel and Kuric have stood out, especially in the second quarter, while in Baskonia they have been more successful when it comes to shooting Diop and Shields.

39-33 KURIC BASKET !! And rest in La Fonteta. END OF THE SECOND FOURTH between Barcelona and Baskonia (39-33). Pesic’s men go to rest six points up on the scoreboard of this Endesa League final.

37-33 Diop scores both free throws. 21.3 for rest!

37-31 Grab the Shengelia bounce and don’t forgive under the hoop. Last seconds of this second quarter.

37-29 Another TRIPLE FROM KURIC !!!

34-29 Score both the center.

34-27 Great fight from Baskonia under the hoop to get the rebound! There will be free throws for Diop.

34-27 HANGA’S TRI-TRI-TRIPLE !! Keep sending Barcelona.

31-27 Score both free throws Luca Vidolza. The Argentine base approaches theirs on the scoreboard ..

31-25 Dead time at La Fonteta. Less than 3 minutes to rest.

31-25 SHENGELIA CANASTON before Tomic.


28-23 Triple Diop fails.

28-23 Score the two Shengelia, her first points in the match.

28-21 Quick raises now, 5.15 for the break and there are free kicks for Baskonia.

26-19 Janning basket to break the drought in this second half.

26-17 Still in trouble Baskonia, that he is not able to finish his attacks with a basket. He has managed to catch offensive rebounds but they are at odds with the hoop.

26-17 TRI-TRI-TRIPLE DE HEURTEL. Partidazo of the French, who already puts Barcelona nine points ahead

23-17 Two more points for Heurtel, Barcelona takes the run in this Endesa League final. Time out now at the Fonteta at 7’35 for the break.


19-17. Score Davies’ second free throw, +2 for Barcelona.

18-17 Dragic fails from the free kick and wastes the opportunity to take the initiative again.

18-17 Two Higgins! Eight points already have the Barça 22. Barcelona gets back ahead.

LET’S GO FOR THE SECOND ROOM !!!! Janning and Granger now enter the Baskonia quintet

16-17 Diop’s good pat to score after a three-shot by Shields. END OF THE FIRST ROOM ON THE FONTET! Barcelona 16-17 Baskonia. +1 for the team from Vitoria who came with a six point advantage.

16-15 Bounces Shields’ triple on the rim and cannot get the ball from Baskonia on the rebound.

16-15 TRI-TRI-TRILE OF HIGGINS. Great reaction from Barcelona to get back ahead. They defend well those of Pesic and successful with the shot the Barca forward.

13-15 New timeout in the final. Last minute of this room.

13-15 The Pesic team continues to close the distance from the free kick line. Write down the two Higgins.

11-15 Free kicks for Barcelona, ​​both Heurtel scores.

9-15. Time-out at La Fonteta with 2.36 to go before the end of the first quarter of the Endesa League final.

9-15 +6 for Baskonia !! KILL ERIC !!!

9-13 Try to shorten Barcelona with the triples but the Pesic team is not correct.

9-13 TRI-TRI-TRIPLE OF Shields !!

9-10 Barcelona is approaching again on the scoreboard, thanks to Claver’s two free throws.

7-10 Score both Shields free throws to put Vitorians +3 against Barcelona in the Endesa League final.

7-8 Henry puts Baskonia ahead !!


7-4 Mirotic is unleashed, three baskets are already the Endesa League MVP.

5-2 Take advantage of the Mirotic gift and put it under the ring. +3 for Barcelona at 7 ′

3-2 Triple Higgins fails.

3-2 Henry’s shot does not enter, an opportunity to take advantage for Barcelona.

3-2 Mirotic opens with his first basket in this final.

1-2 Many nerves in this final, several losses on both sides of the court.

1-2 Shields basket !! from under the Shields hoop to overtake Baskonia.

1-0 From the free kick comes the first point in this Higgins final. He stole the ball and was fouled by Baskonia.

Ball in the air and start the game with the initial jump!


19:59. He Barcelona pulls his gala quintet for this final of the Endesa League: HANGA, HIGGINS, CLAVER, MIROTIC AND TOMIC.

19:58. We already have the Baskonia starting quintet, with a change from previous meetings. This time VIDOLZA enters Janning’s place while they stay HENRY, SHIELDS, SHENGELIA AND ERIC.

19:55. Now for the presentation of the two teams. Baskonia and Barcelona They are being presented by the fans through the video scoreboards. Everything ready to start this end of the Endesa League that we are going to live point by point, in direct and online.

19:53. We are nearing the start of the Endesa League final between Barcelona and Baskonia! La Fonteta is ready to host the game that will decide who is the champion of the ACB 2019/2020. Barcelona? Baskonia? 40 minutes to decide!

19:49. Barcelona and Bakonia face in just a few minutes in the end of the CBA with two prominent names above the rest, Nikola Mirotic and Toko Shengelia, on whom the fate of their teams can run this afternoon. On the bench, two basketball veterans Pesic and Ivanovic, wanting a new title

19:46. It has not been easy to get here, but after much uncertainty it has been possible. The Endesa League 2019/2020 will have its champion. Barcelona and Baskonia They have been the strongest in this final phase of the Endesa League played in Valencia since June 17. Now, they will play a single match the title of the ACB.

19:43 They are already heating up on the La Fonteta parquet Barcelona and Baskonia! In just over a quarter of an hour the Endesa League final!

19:42. In the case of Baskonia, despite losing to Barcelona and Joventut de Badalona, ​​they achieved second place in group A thanks to their victories against Bilbao Basket (64-87), Iberostar Tenerife (79-72) and Unicaja (87-86). In the semifinal, the Vitorian team beat the host, Valencia Basket, by a score of 73-75 in a heart attack ending that could have had another outcome if Loyd’s triple came in the last seconds.

19:39. He Barcelona barely conceded a defeat in the group stage by just one point difference with Iberostar Tenerife (86-87). They beat Joventut Badalona (96-92); Unicaja de Málaga (73-84) and Baskonia (81-75). In semis they managed to pass over San Pablo Burgos with a score of 98-84, getting off the tournament to the Burgos team, the revelation team of this phase Endesa League final.

19:37. In this phase Endesa League final, so much Barcelona how Baskonia they were nailed in group A and finished as first and second of group, respectively.

19:34. Instead, the season has been more hectic for the Baskonia with the dismissal of Perasovic. Berrocal led some encounters for the people of Vitoria, but in December Ivanovic’s arrival was announced. The Montenegrin was returning to what had been his house a decade earlier with the mission of redirecting the Baskonia road, a wise choice since six months later the team is playing the final of the ACB League. Before the break, the team from Vitoria occupied eighth place in the Endesa League.

19:30. He Barcelona It has offered a fairly regular performance throughout the season, always placing itself in the first places of the Endesa League. In fact, before the break, the Catalan team occupied the first place thanks to their 19 victories in 23 games.

19:24. We are going to review what the path of Barcelona and Baskonia this season in Endesa League and especially in this final phase of the CBA until we reach the final that we will continue in direct and online through OK DAILY and it will start in little more than half an hour.

19:20. On this occasion, Barcelona and Baskonia they run into one again Endesa League final although in an atypical format at the same time as necessary to resolve the championship after the break. Also, it is the second time that Barcelona and Baskonia They meet at the Fonteta in the last days, as both teams shared group A of the final phase of the Endesa League. Then, the victory went to Svetislav Pesic’s team, who finished first in the group, against Dusko Ivanovic, second.

19:15. In fact, the titles of the ACB in the 2007/2008, 2008/2009 and 2009/2010 seasons they decided with the same protagonists in the final, with two wins for Baskonia and one for him Barcelona.

19:07. Barcelona and Kirolbet Baskonia, two teams that arrive with the desire to conquer the title of the Endesa League in this final. He Barcelona wants recover the throne of the ACB six years later and after having caressed the title in three of the last five editions. In the case of Baskonia, the Vitorian team returns to an Endesa League final two years later, but then Real Madrid deprived it of the title. Today they are looking to remove the thorn to take to their windows what would be their fourth title in ACB League, a decade after the last conquered, precisely against the Catalans and with Dusko Ivanovic on the bench in Vitoria.

19:00 hours. Good afternoon! Welcome to the Live broadcast of the Endesa League final they are going to dispute Barcelona and Kirolbet Baskonia at the Fuente San Luis Pavilion in Valencia. There have been two vibrant weeks of basketball in which the 12 ranked teams have fought to win the CBA title in the city of Turia, but only two remain in the fray: Barcelona and Baskonia. One of them will be the champion of the Liga Endesa 2019/2020.

This end of the Endesa League it will be at least atypical under the circumstances: a single 40-minute duel will be enough to decide who is the new champion of the ACB, of course, after all the work done in the last two weeks with a good role in the group stage by part of Barcelona and Baskonia and overcoming the semifinals against San Pablo Burgos and Valencia Basket, respectively, to reach the final duel for the title.

As in previous meetings, there will be no public in the stands of this Fuente de San Luis Pavilion, but the emotion is assured on the parquet floor with the fight between Barcelona and Baskonia to conquer the Endesa League.