The ‘Pit-Lane Project’ helps hospitals in the face of the coronavirus crisis

The first respirators have arrived at the Nightingale hospital

The first batches of respirators manufactured by the ‘Ventilator Challenge UK’ group, which includes UK-based Formula 1 teams, have arrived at Nightingale Hospital to alleviate the effects of the Covid-19 coronavirus.

This hospital was ‘built’ in just nine days, in an operation similar to that of IFEMA in Madrid: they used facilities normally destined for events to build a hospital with a capacity of 4,000 beds.

Formula 1 teams, in addition to other technology companies, joined forces in the ‘Ventilator Challenge UK’ initiative – which was originally known as the ‘Pit-Lane Project’ – to manufacture respirators to help the health system in the face of the crisis of the coronavirus.

As they published this afternoon on social networks, the first respirators have arrived safely, at the Nightingale hospital – east London – where they will start working to help those most in need.

“It is great to see Penlon respirators arrive at Nightingale Hospital. This has been possible thanks to all the hard work of our consortium members across the country,” they commented from ‘Ventilator Challenge UK’.

McLaren also had a few words for the initiative. “It is great to see that the respirators being produced by the ‘Ventilator Challenge UK’ consortium, in which McLaren is present, are reaching hospitals.”

On the other hand, Mercedes also ventured to design its own revolutionary respirators from the University College London, which were tested in a hospital north of the English capital.

These kinds of gestures have been seen in many other places on the planet. Without going any further, in Spain Seat and Renault were the first to venture to build respirators and masks in the face of the serious situation that initially occurred in hospitals.

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