Today we have to get away from orthodox stories a bit to talk about Resolution, a game created by Monolith of Minds, an indie studio founded by two German brothers and which came to Nintendo Switch some time ago. Also published on PC, the game has received quite positive reviews from the community, perhaps something that was expected by Deck13 (yes, that of The Surge 1 and 2) when he decided to publish the game under the wing of Deck13 Spotlight, its branch dedicated to independent titles. And having said that, I must clarify that I will avoid falling into absurd comparisons with Hyper Light Drifter, a title that has some similarities, yes, but in the end it ends up being very different from Resolution.

Something is happening

Those of you who have read me on this website know that I usually make a brief introduction telling some details about the history of the game, but in the case of Resolution it is not something you can do properly. By this I do not mean that the story is bad or does not exist, but rather that I do not feel that I have fully understood it and do not think I do it justice. The game deals with various themes and we are immersed in moments of the past and the future, sometimes everything is peaceful and then it becomes chaotic. We know there was a war and the world has changed in its entirety, but there are many pieces to this story and they are not necessarily in order, which makes us feel lost.

Lost like Valor, the protagonist of this story who cannot finish joining his memories, but knows that he must go ahead despite everything. Accompanied by a friendly entity called Alibii, our protagonist will have to collect fragments of memory and on the way face enemies of all kinds, all and each of them lethal and unforgiving. In addition to this, many times we will face ourselves (not literally) through our interaction with certain NPCs that are revealing information to us on various topics: life, death, deities, understanding of being and more, much plus.

Focusing on the gameplay, we found that Resolution It is a game in which you go from zero to one hundred through a quite satisfactory progression scheme. The basic attack is slow and does not do a lot of damage, but as you progress, you unlock interesting abilities that give you striking combinations. So, the game encourages you to create your own style of play Although at first it may seem the opposite and incidentally prevents you from leaving the game out of frustration. Of course, all these skills are granted to you as you progress through the story, so you need a minimum of patience to get to them. I don’t consider the game to have an artificial difficulty (Dark Souls, I’m watching you), but on many occasions it’s brutally tough and again, patience is a key factor.

The difficulty has different peaks and although the game does not punish you unfairly, you do have to have a lot of control over your energy bar, because thanks to it you can dodge, use special attacks and more. So far, a challenge but all right, the problem comes when you realize that the energy bar is tiny and you can not always be aware of it. Fortunately, since there is no progression based on experience, it is possible to ignore many of the enemies and focus only on the bosses of each zone, there is no resurrection of enemies either, so we can rest easy. In addition, although initially there are many blocked areas, it is possible to access them at later stages of our adventure. In this way those curious and / or players given to complete the games in their entirety, are encouraged to retrace their steps and explore those areas.

Colors for everyone, even if I still don’t understand anything

Despite having a story that engages, even if I do not understand it, what I will remember most about Resolution It will be your visual section. We are not facing cutting-edge graphics, but we are dealing with a style that knows how to use color to amaze you with the various levels that we find. The enemies are quite original, but what takes the cake is the design of the various zone chiefs that we meet in our adventure. Of course, although the interface is simple, you could even say that it is ugly, text size can be increased and we have a frame counter. Two options that surely more than one will appreciate.

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The musical section is not far behind either and thanks to themes with a lot of rhythm and adrenaline, the battles become intense and epic experiences. Maybe not all, but more than one stays in your retinas and ears thanks to the visual and sound combination. The game does not have voices, but it is translated into several languages, the problem? Spanish is not among those translations. An understandable decision because we are facing an indie title, but that makes a story that is already confusing in itself is even more so. Finally and regarding performance there is not much to say because this is good and correct, not encountering random errors at any point in my game, this in both portable and desktop mode.

Resolutiion – I have not understood anything, but I have stayed

Resolution it’s that kind of game that not accessible to everyone. Although fair, it is difficult and has quite slow and hard hours that could discourage more than one enthusiast or novice. Still, it deserves a chance, because in addition to presenting a challenge to match, it shines thanks to the sound and visual section that does not leave anyone indifferent (or at least I want to believe so). The story, although confusing and quite scattered, deals with various topics and It is captivating at best, reaching the point that despite not knowing anything, you just want to continue to find out if you will somehow manage to find out something.

We have analyzed Resolutiion thanks to a digital code provided by Monolith of Minds. Version analyzed: 1.0.1

I have not understood anything, but I have stayed

Resolutiion is an interesting proposal that despite not being accessible to everyone, knows how to guarantee a good challenge for all those people who decide not to give up. In addition, it is a game that makes good use of color and its soundtrack to give us epic moments and beautiful views.


A challenging but fair game

Really striking and outstanding sound and visual sections

Different skills to promote various play styles


Although the story is interesting, everything is fuzzy and it is not fully understood

A start that can be done very uphill

It is not translated into Spanish