In the country the use of a mask is mandatory for social mobility and work area, despite this not all citizens have accepted the order and many of them are crowded, especially in neighborhoods, without using this prevention and protection tool against to the Covid-19.

Each person could give a different explanation of the cause of not using it, some appeal to the economic and others to that it is uncomfortable, but analyzed from the point of view of the behavior of human behavior, the psychologist Yudelka Blanco, attributes it to the lack of adequate education on its use, resistance to assuming a new culture and the Dominican way of challenging or thinking that “nothing is nothing”, that is, not giving importance to things.

“This is such a diverse and creative country, many people have the use of a mask as a chercha and even the informal industry in all corners sells them of all kinds, without any criteria of control and quality, so people buy them without a clear awareness of its usefulness, “he says.

New culture

Remember that also the use of a mask is a new culture imposed by an eventuality that has occurred in the world by the Covid-19 and that to ensure that everyone assumes it as a protection tool, it must be accompanied by an effective campaign of education and orientation.

The specialist in human behavior understands that this nonchalant way of dealing with its use, which is observed above all among residents of more populous neighborhoods, is due to the fact that perhaps there has not been a clear criterion to explain the importance of its use to to which is added a daily bombardment of real and false information that creates confusion in people.

Added to this, the fact that many people like to act contrary to what is asked of them and gave as an example the times of university where a sign was placed and said in red letter above it said “do not read” and then people they went and read.

“Here in the Dominican Republic we could analyze and think that Dominicans are like this, they are asked to use masks to prevent the disease, to protect themselves and themselves, however since there is no specific criteria, people do not assume it because for this you must feel that there is a real benefit of using it ”.

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