Residents of four US states will lose extra unemployment assistance this weekend as a measure to look for work

Thousands of job seekers wait to enter the job fair at the Goldy S. Lewis Community Center in Rancho Cucamonga, California.

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The states of Alaska, Iowa, Missouri and Mississippi will terminate starting this Saturday, June 12 federal unemployment benefits.

The four demarcations are the first out of a total of 25 Republican-owned states that will cut the subsidy extended until September by the pandemic, in an attempt to make the unemployed more quickly re-enter the labor market.

Under the “American Rescue Plan” approved in the United States Congress last March, $ 300 extra weekly unemployment assistance extended through Labor Day.

According to the estimate of the progressive entity Century Foundation, quoted by NBC in a report this Friday, four million people will lose the benefits, which add up to a total of $ 22 billion.

The other 21 states led will also go ahead with the initiative and cancel their federal benefits in July. The government’s measure responds to employers’ complaint that they cannot find enough workers for restaurants, hotels, among other industries. Critics of supplemental unemployment assistance believe that people are being paid more for not working.

“While these federal programs provided significant temporary relief, vaccines and jobs are now plentiful. And we have a critical problem where businesses in our state are trying to hire more people, but many are facing a serious shortage of workers, “Maryland Governor Larry Hogan said in a June 1 statement.

“We hope that more Maryland residents will return to work,” he added.

Between weekly extended assistance and state and state unemployment benefits, on average, recipients of these benefits receive about $ 650 per week, or about $ 16 per hour if measured by a full-time job. The above is more than what some jobs in America offer.

Another problem that makes it difficult for Americans to re-enter the workplace is that many of these jobs are part-time, which means that the weekly wage is even less than what the government offers.

Other workers allege that paying for childcare to return to work is an impediment, since they would fall short to meet the financial obligations of the home.

In some cases, workers have realized that they do not want to return to the job they had as they want to find a better one. The period in which they remain at home receiving unemployment assistance facilitates that search.

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