Years go by and resident Evil It remains one of the franchises that generate the most noise in the video game industry. In recent weeks, its popularity is due to Resident Evil 3 Remake, whose release has divided opinions between players and the specialized press. However, now all the attention is turning to the new installment of the saga, the so rumored Resident Evil 8.

The game would be called Resident Evil Village and would be a complete twist for the saga.

According to the information obtained by Biohazard Declassified, the eighth installment of the saga —by numbering— will be called Resident Evil Village (Village), forming the Roman numeral VIII in the subtitle. In fact, with Resident Evil 7 they used a similar strategy to “hide” the number within the name. Even more interesting, the one of the protagonists would be the iconic Chris Redfield, who supposedly boasts redesigned to further differentiate it from its previous versions.

The redesign will not only focus on the visual aspect, but also on your personality. We could see a brutal and violent protagonist, totally removed from the heroic path of other installments. The narrative would also give space to Ethan Winters., protagonist of Resident Evil 7. The latter would find himself in a dangerous situation when being chased by a witch who has the ability to control insects.

Regarding gameplay, Capcom’s intention would be to give a new twist to the franchise. Unlike the previous title, which opted to offer clashes in claustrophobic corridors, Village will choose the more open environments in action situations. It would be set in some region of Europe; There is even talk of a haunted house that awaits us with several shocking moments. The enemies, for their part, will be very different from all that we have seen in the saga since its inception.

As explained, they will be designed to achieve a balance between action and anxiety. How was it possible to obtain such detailed information? It turns out that a group of lucky people is having the opportunity to try out a preliminary version of the game in order to provide feedback to Capcom. Leaks were inevitable. Finally, Resident Evil Village would be available during the first months of 2021, being one of the first proposals of the new generation consoles.

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