Summer is approaching and the Spanish are beginning to consider the possibility of booking their holidays, but they hesitate to do so in fear that the destination country will prohibit entry or require them to be quarantined. Book now, taking advantage of discounts, and risking not being able to fully enjoy the trip or waiting and making sure before there will be no inconvenience in reaching the destination are the uncertainties they face.

Until now, on reserved flights whose destination was one of the countries in which the entry to Spanish remains prohibited airlines do not allow returns, although they do give the option of making changes. But, what about those tickets that are going to be bought from now on? The companies’ policy is maintained for the time being, unless one decides unseat and launch the possibility to cancel In the event that the date arrives, the traveler has restricted entry into the country or is forced to quarantine.

If the trip is outside our borders and as long as there are restrictions, “it is to be expected that the airlines will cancel their international flights or will not begin to fly directly until these types of routes are allowed, and therefore the traveler will have the right to recover their money“, they point out from the online platform of legal services

If it is a question of trips contracted through agencies that combine the flight and the hotel, the traveler must contact this one so that it offers, according to the new regulations, the refund of your money or a one-year validity bonus, that, if after that period is not used, you must proceed to reimburse those amounts to the consumer.

Meanwhile, if the hotel had only been contracted in a third country, the traveler should first study the situation of that territory at the time of the trip. If this had no restrictions and could receive visitors, but the consumer, given the situation in Spain or the borders, could not travel, should analyze the contract made, check if there is a free cancellation policy or contact the accommodation, if hired directly, to try to reach an agreementthey explain.

The Ministry of Consumption recently assured that several airlines operating in Spain are not providing correct information to users, so they note that “hindering user access to their right to reimbursement does not comply with the recommendations of the European Union”. Thus, both the alternative bonus and the right to reimbursement must appear clearly and accessible in the airline information.

The European Comission allows companies to be entitled to the issuance of bonds such as attractive and reliable alternative to the refund of the money, but it indicates the voluntary character of the acceptance of the voucher by the traveler. In case of not being accepted by the client, the airline must make the refund of the total amount of the ticket within seven days of the passenger’s request.